The Adventures of Team Potato

I like taking my potato on big adventures.

Sometimes, the adventures end up in Mag and me being busy with other stuff. I tend to totally forget that potato can get suuuuuper embarassed. >.<;

2014-09-18 Mag Riiko

I know that sometimes, Potato wants to change his element, just to fit to my awesome outfit.

Mag already is pretty versatile and adapts to my looks. ö.ö

Potato still has a lot to learn!

2014-09-23 Mag Riiko Fire

My awesome outfits are not always appreciated…

Sometimes, people just pierce through my books in an attempt to destroy them! So mean! ;_;

Do not worry! My books are magical and cannot be destroyed that easily. :D

2014-09-26 Primal Happenings 01

In the end, I am still best buddies with Potato. After all, he takes so much beating and hitting for me. <3

I can always count on him to protect and shield me if I giv ehim the right commands.

Together, we are a great team!

Team Potato!

2014-09-29 Titan Pet

Phoenix, my loyal Chocobo, is also part of Team Potato.

He isn’t as strong yet, but as the days goes on, he keeps growing and supports with Cures, Regen, Slowing the enemy and trying to get hate off Potato. Hahahaa~ Yeah, it’s amusing to watch Phoenix try. XD

Recently, we tried to recruit Ovjang, but he seemed more interested in patroulling in Thanalan. :\

2014-09-23 Ovjang

The adorable Helmet Crab was also not too excited.

He was actually looking for a Team Helmet – where all members wear awesome helmets like him.

2014-10-04 Helmet Crab

Trying to recruit more people who will join me on map fights and other things whenever I summon them, I had to resort in extreme measures.

As it is rather difficult to have friends always available when you want them around, I tried to haunt and mezmerize Leon! ò.ó;

With her, I would always have a strong Lalafell guard who could tank beside Potato. She was also chubby enough – like me – to be part of Team Potato.

2014-10-04 The Eye

Unfortunately, she just looked at me like I was gonna eat her and disappeared into a dungeon. =.=;;

Damn! My plan didn’t work :\

The next day, Lyssa approached my and scolted me badly.

Trying to manipulate a fellow adventurer was a serious crime, so it seemed.

2014-10-05 The Red Devil

Lyssa was already really scary. She now was wearing a new healer outfit… The Red Devil Outfit.

I shivered in fear while she talked. She didn’t backstab me. This made it all even worse @___@;;;

Please, everyone! Never ever make Lyssa angry!

Still, I will not rest, until my minion army is complete! An all conquering army!

2014-10-11 The Eye


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