Euro Asylum Event: Heroes VS Villains

I called out for the Villains and Heroes of Euro Asylum to gather.

This should be the big battle that decides about good or bad. About the world’s destiny!

Of course, I prepared a fashionable heroic costume.

2014-09-20 Heroes VS Villains 01

My costume was nearly perfect. I would be a little angel that heals her hero allies while blowing the evil villains away ò.ó

While I knew Rhaqui was also preparing for the showdown, I found her dozing on a bench. Secretly, I sat next to her in my yet super secret outfit ö.ö

I think she didn’t realize I was there. /giggle

2014-09-20 Heroes VS Villains 03

The only thing left to do was adjust my haircolor ò.ó/

Now, I looked perfekt.

Now I am the SPRING BREEZE! ò___Ó/

2014-09-20 Heroes VS Villains 02

We gathered.

2014-09-20 Heroes vs Villains 03-2


Magatsu: Captain Chaos

Rhaqui: Garuda Girl – The Stormfury

Ritzin: Crimson Coif

Leon: The Red Lioness

Gulliver: Crooked Legs or The Naked Worm


Lyssa: The Backstabber

Riiko: The Spring Breeze

Leonie: The Ultimate Horned Ugliness

Kiryuu: Bacon Arrow

Everyone presented their super hero in a unique performance. It was awesomely funny serious! Someone even found his long lost mother again….

In the end, each team voted for the other team’s ultimate hero or villain.

The Heroes decided that The Crimson Coif was the most feared and thus the Ultimate Villain! She obtained an awesome prize: A Glade pillow!

The Villains decided that The Backstabber was the strongest hero and had to be eliminated ASAP. She became the Ultimate hero and obtained an ultimate minione: King Tomato!

Then, it was time for a fierce battle.

THE battle of destiny.

2014-09-20 Heroes VS Villains 04

So we fought.

It were rather short battles. Two in total, just to be fair.

2014-09-20 Heroes VS Villains 05

No, it wasn’t fun being slaughtered by the villains!

These evil people knew no mercy and just crushed us like we were small flies! ;o;

In the end, they just laughed at us. It was to be expected that they dominate us, right? >.<; They are evil after all.

2014-09-20 Heroes VS Villains 06

It was decided. Euro Asylum was dominated by evil.

This was reason enough for everyone to celebrate big time! \(^.^)/ We finally found our purpose in EA: Being evil.

2014-09-20 Heroes VS Villains 07

Do not despair.

One day, the good shall rise and turn those evil beings into good and kind people. I, Spring Breeze, firmly believe in the good hearts of everyone.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Oct 13, 2014 @ 12:55:31

    D-did Lyssa ‘Backstabber’ stab you in the back!? Is she really a hero?

    I’m sorry I wasn’t there Riiko. Nef and I would’ve fought at your side!



    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Oct 13, 2014 @ 13:59:58

      The Backstabber is a true hero. Her weakness is people who will not turn their back towards her so I just always looked at her – whenever possible – just to be save for sure. :D
      Also, she stabs evil people only ò.ó;; Like a Ninja, appearing behind the evil, backstabbing, disappearing ö.ö Sooo cool!

      Actually, I realized I forgot to say who got crowned the ULTIMATE Hero and Villains… <.<; I shall update my post XD



    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Oct 13, 2014 @ 14:03:54

      P.S. Do not worry. You and Nef were giving us strength to somehow survive the evil villains’ attacks just by thinking about us. You were with us, even if not in physical form! Heroes unite their hearts and give each other strength, courage and power! ö.ö



  2. Rhaqui Sarae
    Oct 14, 2014 @ 19:07:28

    *gasp* I really didn’t know you were there!!! *mumbles* Good I don’t look dorky while sleeping…*mumble*
    That Garuda Girl really looks strong and awesome! No wonder her team won the big epic battle! *nod nod* *cough*



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