Postwoman: Organizing Dancing Lessons like a Postwoman…?

With the new Beastmen Alliance covering my back, I felt confident enough to deliver a letter to Gegeruju.

2014-09-07 Dancing Teacher 01

Gegeruju was actually looking for a new dancing teacher for his pretty girls at the beach.

Nobody expected this.

A Mamool Ja applied for the job and was so pleased that gegeruju liked his application. I was to invite the new teacher to a training lesson.

2014-09-07 Dancing Teacher 02

The Mamool Ja was not yet ready for teaching. I had to support him in preparing his muscles and body.

Spilling massage oil all over the Mamool Ja’s body reminded me just too much of a certain person at Camp Bronze Lake…

2014-09-07 Dancing Teacher 03

Finally we traveled back to Costa Del Sol where the dancing lesson should start.

The girls were pretty. So pretty.

And how young they looked!

2014-09-07 Dancing Teacher 04

They seemed a bit irritated by the looks of their teacher.

The tacher on the other hand, took his job really serious.

2014-09-07 Dancing Teacher 05

As he sang and danced to it, the girls shivered in disgust and fear.

2014-09-07 Dancing Teacher 06

They blushed with insecurity while they had to look away from the incredibly hot moves.

2014-09-07 Dancing Teacher 07

In the end, the young girls ran away.

Gegeruju on the other hand was extremely pleased with the performance of his new trainer.

He excused his young and unexperienced dancers who clearly did not know what a great dance was!

2014-09-07 Dancing Teacher 08

In the end, everyone was happy – except the dancing pupils…

2014-09-07 Dancing Teacher 09

And my Postwoman level rose again! Soon, I will deliver the most curical and important letters in all Eorzea! ö.ö


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Oct 08, 2014 @ 09:29:07

    If you reach high level by December, I will entrust to Riiko the most important letter and parcel… my birthday gift to Nef.

    As a postwoman, Riiko will probably have a busy Christmastime delivering everyone’s cards. They’d better not arrive in January!

    Work hard Postwoman Riiko! I’m cheering for you!



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