Inspector Riiko inspects: The Hot String

As HE appeared, the previously really pretty looking room received quite a strange… touch.

Why was HE dressed like that? And why did he have the Sultana’s portrait on his walls….?

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 21

Loonh seemed to be the only one not distracted by his nakedness.

She drew her sword and attacked the cat!

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 23

A blink of an eye later, she landed on a table-shelf-like thing. Scales, flower ports and other accessoires dropped to the ground, together with Loonh.

She didn’t hurt herself too much, but it was still a shock to her.

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 24

And there HE sat.

Satisfied that he was the strongest and coolest person in the room.

Most likely also the most evil person.

He didn’t even try to hide that he kidnapped all of these beastmen in order to perform alchemic experiments on them in an attempt to create an army of obedient soldiers.

A necormancy project! O_O;;

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 25

Sylvie was not amused.

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 26

She was so angry that she turned back into her real form!

She was a Sylph after all! O_O;;

Well, her name and haircolor kinda gave it away…

I was still surprised.

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 27

That was when the others entered the room, ready to protect Sylvie and me.

Not sure since when they thought I needed protection. <_<; If I remember correctly, it was me who saved their clans and saved Eorzea.

Just saying…

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 28

The Miqo’dude finally agreed to talk.

He was the successful experiment of a really rich merchant who had teamed up with a really evil alchemist.

The alchemist was brewing some suspicious liquid in a gigantic oven while the merchant had provided the equipment and strong guards.

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 29

We just had to save the captured beastmen (on the left in above photo) and destroy the oven!

The plan was perfect.

I directly told my beastmen friends about our progress and rushed off to follow the masterplan.


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