Inspector Riiko inspects: The Beastmen Kidnapping

Word reached my ears that a Sylph had been kidnapped.

I didn’t hesitate a second!

My inspector instincts had been awoken.

I had to save the kidnapped victim and lock the curlpit in for good.

So I approached the Sylphs and my awesomly unreliable assistant told me, all he had done, was stand there and look in his book.

He didn’t go into the woods to look for clues.

He didn’t ask around if anyone had seen anything.


2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 01

I had to do it myself.


I met this little girl in the woods.

She was really suspicious. Something was wrong about her.

She told me, I looked but I didn’t see. This way, I would never save the Sylph!

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 02

When the girl ran off, I looked for clues.

My instincts magically told me to look in Limsa.

A quick teleport later, I found some half naked dude hanging off one of the ships.

He didn’t have anything to do with the kidnapping but he sure looked hilarious! XD

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 03

I asked around and decided to ask some of my other Beastmen friends.

Clutchfather Novv was hesitating to join the search for a little Sylph when suddenly news reached him that his son has been missing!

He panicked and rushed to the shore with me.

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 04

There, we saw some catboy with a captured Sahagin on the boat.

When I looked to Novv, he was gone.

A second later, he jumped out of the water onto the small boat.

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 05

He menaced the predator and questioned him why he had done this.

The Miqo’man didn’t say anything. He just drew his sword…

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 06

He actually did look really hot with the smirk on his face!! ö.ö

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 07

That was when he launched a surprise attack and threw daggers towards the captured Sahagin.

Novv jumped inbetween and caught the knifes with his back to protect his precious son.

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 08

Novv fell into the water, badly wounded and the Miqo’dude got away.

I surely did not like these developments.

Novv stumbled onto the shore. His clutchmates took him away to take care of his wounds while I promised, I would find the Miqo’dude and make him pay! – and for sure save Novv’s son and the Sylph.

At the docks in Limsa, I searched for Sahagin shells in the small boats.

Of course I found some.

So I was on the right way.

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 09

I then searched the area.

That was when I found the little suspicious girl again. She was wounded and had collapsed in the middle of nowhere.

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 10

As I was close to the Kobolts, I brought her there.

Also, I had to warn them. Maybe the Miqo’guy was after all the Beastmen?! O.o

2014-09-12 Trusted Beastmen 11

When the girl came to herself, she told us that she was called Sylvie or Sylvia or something like that.

Suspicious name.

What did she have to do with all of that?

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