Money Making…?

Everyone is aware that Patch 2.38 came already out. Now, the Blog entries are a little bit delayed so what you are reading here happened all before the big disappointment of the Housing patch…

I was eager to rise as much money as possible to buy myself one of those affordable houses.

While I would understand, that a large villa might be too expensive, I would surely be able to buy a beautiful medium Mansion in the Mist.

But to ensure I really had enough money, I needed to make money.

With my new Goblin Mask and my new freind the Goblin, I traveled around as Riiklix to make money.

Goblins are good merchans and money makers, right?

The first person I approached was the rich looking Lyssa. She was wearing gold accessoires on her clothes so she had what I wanted: money!

Menacing to put her golem minion into small pieces and sell the rocks to random people, she was not amused.

A sudden stab in the back knocked me out.

2014-09-13 Goblin Attack 01

When I came to my senses, all my belongings were gone.

I had to beg on the streets together with my Goblin so that I could afford a teleport home.

That was when a knight in shining blue armor appeared.

He had found my belongings spread through the forest and had collected them.

He returned them all to me and offered me a ride on his beautiful mount.

2014-09-13 Goblin Attack 02

As he saved me from going bancrupt, I told him that I’d love to thank him, but I was already engaged to a hot guy, so I could only offer him cookies as thanks.

Turns out, my saviour was Mag after all! O_O With this mask over his had I totally had not recognized him at all! <3<3

Together, we traveled to Ul’dah.

The hot pink ladies were visiting again and distrbuted stylish blob king hats.

2014-09-14 Dragon Quest Posing 01

They were really popular and like EVERYONE was wearing those.

Of course everyone also liked to get flirted by those pink ladies.

2014-09-14 Dragon Quest Posing 02

In the end, I left the ladies and walked around in town.

Someone was handing out flyers and I was like: “Oh cool! Give me one”

But they just wouldn’t look at me, not to mention consider giving me a flyer!

I decided to jump to take the flyer out of his hand, but I couldn’t reach high enough >_<

2014-09-14 Dragon Quest Posing 03

Angry, I left.

The terrible daily challenges a Lalafell has to live with are really terrible.

Something has to change in this world!

It has to become more Lalafell-friendly.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Sep 24, 2014 @ 09:35:05

    Riiko is definitely right! Yoshi’s definition of ‘affordable housing’ is the same as Boris Johnson’s. Thou London is a global city so I suppose that makes sense. I just hope that rich Asylum leaders don’t make separate poor-door entrance for apartment rooms… even the small housing that was kinda affordable sold out in some hours before Nef or I could log on and stake our claim!

    Oh well, I guess it isn’t so bad rooming with Riiko and Mag and everyone in the Asylum! We’ll wait till 2.4 to buy our home together!

    Riiko is also definitely right that the world should be more lalafriendly! Atm, I carry everywhere with me in the city a It is a little inconvenient but very necessary.

    When adventuring, I can just hop on to beloved chocobo to reach – or he can stretch and fetch things with his beak! I’m really pleased that I can now ride him around to see all of his chocobo friends stabled in Mist, Lavender Beds and the Goblet!



    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Sep 25, 2014 @ 10:06:13

      You know what would be great? If everyone from the same FC could get affordable houses in the same housing area. And this housing area should be divided in 3 parts that look like Lavender beds, Mist and Goblet. So everyone gets to live in the surroundings they want while still be somewhat near to their friends. ö.ö How awesome would that be!

      I hope you can get a beautiful house with Nef in 2.4! ö.ö
      Maybe they will drop the prices once more for 2.4…? (doubt it…. ;_; )



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