Rescue Mission: Save the Lala, Save the Dream

As Tatamaru would just not return, I checked with my internal contacts in gridania and found out, that he had traveled to Dragonhead on a business trip with his dad.

Of course, they were accompanied by their bodyguards so that Tatamaru would not escape.

Clever as I was, I went up to the guards and put some “unique potion to strengthen their senses” *wink wink* into their drinks.

They grinned at me. Then they drank. Then they fell asleep.

Stupid fools!

2014-09-01 Ixali 02

I took Tatamaru and together, we escaped.

He couldn’t be happier to see me!

2014-09-01 Ixali 03

That was when we were held up by the butler.

He was like the best butler ever.

Instead of holding Tatamaru back, he supported him. He encouraged him to follow his dreams and to go wherever he had to go – just like Tata’s father.


2014-09-01 Ixali 04

As we returned to Sezul, he started crying.

Err… did I say crying? I meant, his goggles were of such bad quality, that the humidity got beneath them and created a foggy sight.

Bad goggles!!

2014-09-01 Ixali 05

Sezul offered Tatamaru some welcoming words of motivation.

2014-09-01 Ixali 06

“Until hands ache and sweat turns to blood.” Okay.. Let’s do this!

The airship was as good as ready anyway. Only some details and fine tunings were missing.

Let the sweating… errr.. bloodshed begin!

2014-09-01 Ixali 07

And so, the material search in Coerthas started.

On my trips, I came across this small pondlike lake.

It’s just right beside Dragonhead. With those bathing soldiers, you know.

My task was to “fish some fish from the latrines”.


Yes, you read correctly.

You have been standing in pee and poo the whole time!

2014-09-01 Ixali 09

The good thing is, it is only rumored to be some latrines to keep the evil fishers away from this place.

This ensures, that there is a high enough fish supply for the soldiers training there every day. :D


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