Mag’s Identity Crisis caused by secret Laboratory

It didn’t take long and Mag suddenly transformed into a hot Miqo’man.

I drooled when I layed my innocent eyes on his fabulous appearance.

2014-08-31 Mag Catboy 01

Now I knew, his changes were due to my experiments.

He had snuck into my room and now behaved like a cat.

My experiments were a huge success!

2014-08-31 Mag Catboy 02

Well, at least we look really fabulous together in our astonishing outfits!

2014-08-31 Mag Catboy 03

People approached us like: “What’s with Mag’s identity crisis? Is he alright?”

Leon was quite concerned about Mag and when she heared that he had become a catboy, she was like:

“I don’t like catboys at all” /blush

2014-08-17 Leon Loewenherz 01

Leon is just sooo adorable when she plays the tough girl <3

But let me get back to my secret project I have been working on.

I have been baking cookies.

Not just any cookies.

After I created the poisonous cookie that killed Trem’s beard, I proceeded to experiment with cookies.

Later, I created a hairy cookie that would grow me leg hair.

Then, I created cookies that would influence the whole body of people – in an attempt to transform Mag and me back into a Lalafell.

Paint-2014-09-15 Secret Laboratory

During those experiments I found out, that no cookie would transform anyone into a Lalafell. It was impossible to transform into the superior race if you aren’t born as Lalafell. Except if you use the rumored Fantasia potion – an evil black magic liquid provided by the gods. Some say, they are the tears of the gods carefully gathered in little flasks…

All I can say is:

Beware of my cookies.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 09:18:43

    OMG Riiko! /hug has been added to the game! Now we can not only be petted but picked up and hugged! Although… it may be better to use this sparingly, because /slap has also been added.

    Also, private housing! Now there need not be any strange noises from people’s private rooms, whether from Riiko’s alchemicooking experiments or Nef and my activities…



    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Sep 16, 2014 @ 09:21:03

      Ahahaahaha! “Housing” ahahahaahahhaahahahaa! 30-80 mil. hahahahaa ahaha

      /hug and /slap are the big good things that the patch gave us :D
      My room will keep creating strange noises from my experiments for a looong time….



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