EuroAsylum: Worst Fashion Contest – Judging the Judges

It was time for the judges to be judged.

Together with Potato, I entered the stage as fabulous Potato Mage!

Strong and fearless, I would be the hero of every battlefield.

“Booo, too cute!”    “Am I supposed to be scared?” – people shouted at me.

Little did they know.


2014-08-30 Worst Fashion Contest 16

Lyssa looked tremendously awful.

Nobody wears those arm things over a yukata. Nobody! Except Lyssa.

There is a reason why nobody wears it like that.

It’s awful.

Accompanied by her Tonberry, I was sure, he’d stab everyone. Luckily only a few minor incidents happened and nobody died.

2014-08-30 Worst Fashion Contest 17

Then, it was Vis’ turn.

And let me tell you. He is a man of the stage. He is fashion.

After a heroic short speach, all eyes looked at him in excitement.

2014-08-30 Worst Fashion Contest 18

And then, the blue star above his head transformed him into… The Egg Man!

2014-08-30 Worst Fashion Contest 19

He pushed the stage and our eyes to their limits.

While dancing, he stomped gracefully over the tables, allowing us to look at his beautiful subligar, those unique miscles and the pretty egghelm…

2014-08-30 Worst Fashion Contest 20

It wouldn’t be a Visgal performance if he didn’t stretch.

Right into our faces!

2014-08-30 Worst Fashion Contest 21

When he sat down on the sofa, he “accidentally” sat down on me.

“Mashed potato.”

Amazed by his performance, Nez directly fell into the arms arms of her favorite fashion star Vis!

2014-08-30 Worst Fashion Contest 22

It was very clear who had won the Judge’s prize.

Vis was celebrated bis time. Together with Sir Scott, he was just the WORST LOOKING people in our whole Free Company!

For now.

2014-08-30 Worst Fashion Contest 23

Happily, we all celebrated the success, fun, and the bad fashion tastes of all of us.

Well done, everyone :D

2014-08-30 Worst Fashion Contest 24

See you at the next event!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Sep 04, 2014 @ 08:29:55


    Riiko: Cute, Dangerous
    Potatoe: Strong, Dangerous
    Lyssa: Rawr; Very Dangerous
    Lil’ Lyssa: Goopy, Dangerous
    Visgal: Hunky, Dangerous



    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Sep 04, 2014 @ 08:37:15

      Why did Lyssa get a “Very dangerous” and my awesome super-ultra dangerous potato mage just a “dangerous”? ò___Ó;; This is inacceptable! Is my appearance not scary enough? I shall make you fear my potato mage! “o_´´o;;;; SPREAD THE FEAR OVER ALL EORZEA! MUAHAHAHAA!



  2. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Sep 04, 2014 @ 10:09:29

    Any way you look at it Riiko is Riiko and Lyssa is Lyssa, so that’s just the way it is.

    To say it plainly, I don’t believe that Riiko would ever hurt me, whereas Lyssa /stab



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