EuroAsylum: Worst Fashion Contest – The Preparation

For last Saturday, I had planned something very special.

Something, that should forever be remembered in Euro Asylum History.

“This event’s unorthodox leader is: Riiko Rinkoko

Bring your ugliest costume! The worse it is, the better you do!
We will select the three most awful outfits and award them with a beautiful hat – or something similar… Every participant is guaranteed to win a prize.

Your outfit will be evaluated by 3 fashionable judges:

Riiko Rinkoko – Famous quote: “Potato”
Lyssa Nyth – Famous quote: “Awful”
Visgal Goldmane – Famous quote: “I am fashion”

But this is not all!
Once all participants have been judged and rewarded, it’s up to the participants to evaluate the judges’ outfits!
Isn’t that awesome?

Make sure to join in your most awful outfit and not miss this exciting event.”

…so the event description stated.

The preparations for this event were not as easy as expected.

I just had to find an ugly dress and judge the participants and decide on who is the ugliest dressed, right?

No, it’s not that simple.

Just dressing bad will not do.

You have to wear your clothes with passion. With the conviction that YOUR outfit is THE WORST. There is nothing worse out there than what you are wearing at the moment. You’re THE BEST at being the worst looking. THE BEST!

First of all, I had to decide who the other 2 judges should be.

For sure it had to be people with a sense of bad fashion.

Lyssa came to my mind. She finds everything awful and she is a woman, right? So she knows good and bad fashion. Most likely.

When I asked her, she was like “But I know nothing about fashion!”

In that moment, I knew that she was the perfect choice. I had to get her to be my judge. And she agreed without stabbing me! Woooosh! ö.ö

Then, I approached Vis.

Me: “Please join my worst fashion contest as judge. Your outfit will also be evaluated by the participants!”

Vis: “A worst fashion contest?”

He looked at me, like he was going to eat me.

2014-08-21 Worst Fashion Contest Preparation 02

Me: “Y-yes…”

Vis: “I am fashion! Count me in.” /pose

The judge finding was done. I had won two capable and awesome judges. ö.ö Yay~

Now, I had to create an outfit. My rivals would be Lyssa – who told me her fashion sense is pretty much non existing – and Visgal – who always dresses the worst in LS!

How was I supposed to have the slightest chance against those two?

After thinking about it for quite some time, I finally had THE idea: POTATO!

I designed my very own Sexy Potato outfit.

2014-08-21 Worst Fashion Contest Preparation 03

As you can see, I also prepared the stage on the basement for the 3 judges and the participants to perfectly show off their costumes on the tables. ö.ö

Next, I had to find appropriate prizes for the first 3, all other participants and the judge prize.

It had to be something unique. Something, nobody would wear during their normal adventurer days.


Not just hats.

The most ugly hats ever created.

2014-08-21 Worst Fashion Contest Preparation 04

Everyone who just looked too good to receive one of these awesome prizes would receive some straw and the motivating words: “Learn how to make some uglier outfits. You just look too good in those things.”

When all was done I knew, the only thing missing were the participants.

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