The life of a Miqo’te girl

There was no way back. At least, we couldn’t find one.

I had to deal with it, and so had everyone around me.

I had to get used to the heavy load of my melons that my back had to bear every goddamn day.

Slowly, I got used to the new cat life.

It wasn’t really that different. I could smell things much more intense and my night vision was a lot sharper. I also felt like my cattail allowed me a better balance during fights! Quite impressive.

2014-07-19 Riiko Miqo 01

My Avatars also cheered me up, especially Potato. He promised, he would practise with me whatever practise I needed and he would protect my potato balls on my chest with his life.

He’s so reliable! ö.ö <3

2014-07-19 Riiko Miqo 02

Mag was mostly spending his nights hunting down enemies or fighting somewhere.

As I felt more like relaxing and living a slow life in peace for now, I sat down in his room to relax.

Somehow, being around nature felt a lot more relaxing to me.

2014-07-19 Riiko Miqo 05

I also found this awesome cat bed in my friend’s room.

Sooo awesome!

The moment I lay down, I basically fell asleep.

A real cat paradise! <3

2014-07-19 Riiko Miqo 09

I woke up at nighttime and visited Jam. She always stayed up at night to catch her precious night-active fishies.

Every time a fish bit her rod, I started drooling a litle. The fishies made me feel sooooo hungry!

If I only could slice them up with my claws and devour them…

Uh… Wait what?!!

What’s happening to me?!

This must stop.


2014-07-19 Riiko Miqo 06

I put on my White Mage robe and prayed to the Twevle.

May they lend me the strength I need to get through this tough time.

2014-07-19 Riiko Miqo 03

The next day, everything seemed a lot better.

I went harvesting some crops and gathered feathers.

I traveled though the fields and forests, following my animal instincts.

It felt awesome!

I had never fellt more alive before~

2014-07-19 Riiko Miqo 04

Back in Limsa, I came across Ritzi and Lyssa who were goldsmithing…

As I was a cat now, i decided to join them and be part of the cat-smiths.

Lyssa didn’t exactly share my opinion. “Go away, fake-cat!”, she hissed at me.

“B-but I am a cat now…”, I tried to convince her.


She didn’t say any more and I had no choice but to leave.

2014-07-19 Riiko Miqo 07

Maybe it was for the best if I just stayed on my own.

I sat down at the beach near the house to relax and rethink my current situation.

It could not go on like this.

I either had to be a real cat or stay a fake-cat forever.

2014-07-19 Riiko Miqo 08

I decided, I was a real cat.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ramzah
    Aug 21, 2014 @ 17:52:16

    I just stopped now to cry after I read what happened to you… ;__;
    But good to see you can handle with it.
    What plan the gods have with you? It cant be a curse, cause all your eqipment changed to the right new shape. You have to fight on, but why not as Lalafell anymore? O.o
    And why Mag becomes female? Should that be a sign that s/he is the wrong for you?!
    Questions over questions. But I know no matter what it will be, you will hanlde it!

    PS: I said it often but i cant stop to say it again, the pictures you made (no matter if drawn or photo) are so great!!! <3



    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Aug 21, 2014 @ 19:45:00

      The cursed lightning turned both of us into Miqo girls. It was shocking indeed and this new body… terrible :\
      We shall see if the gods have plans for me or if it’s just bad luck I got transformed.

      P.S.: Thanks a lot ö.ö I’m glad you like them <3



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