Hero Week: Gather together, my allies!

I had to be stronger than ever before. And for that, I needed allies.

First, I talked to Mag about my meeting with the Sultana.

He instantly agreed to help me.

2014-06-11 Riiko x Mag 01

Together, we would train to become stronger. Our bond had to be strengthened.

Together, we would never fall.

2014-06-11 Riiko x Mag 02

We trained and trained. Eventually, we obtained immense power and experience.

Now that we were ready, we had to find more allies.

2014-06-11 Riiko x Mag 03

Together with my Ahriman, I traveled the world in search of sinister but reliable allies.

Soon, I found reliable assets.

2014-07-05 Black Mage Adventures 02

They were a little unorganized, but as they were wearing the same uniform, they were perfect for my needs.

Quickly, we made friends and they were eager to join me.

2014-06-22 Chocobo dance

To understand the Aether a bit better, I continued my Monk Training.

Using this strange aparatus, the surrounding aether should be measured. As Monk, feeling the power and using it during fights is essential to victory.

2014-06-08 MNK 01

And so, I trained even more!

2014-06-08 MNK 02

Until I met the old Monk again. He taught me about how to use the full potential of my power. How to use the aether and become even stronger.

And I had te be strong to lead my allies to the quest to fight for Ul’dah!

2014-06-08 MNK 03

I challenged the most dangerous monsters in Eorzea!

2014-07-12 Hunts 01

I fought monsters of darkness that could even exist at daytime!

2014-07-12 Hunts 03

I fought squirrels so powerful, a horde of the strongest adventurers had to take it on together to prevent it overpowering them!

2014-07-12 Hunts 04

And I fought gigantic claws. Claws so big, they grabbed 20 people and punched them to the ground – dead.

2014-07-12 Hunts 06

With all my training, I soon would be ready to face the true challenge.

The only thing missing was a weapon worthy to be weilded by a hero.


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  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Aug 12, 2014 @ 10:44:25

    Riiko has been hunting!



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