Invasion of the Poor

Word spread that Mor Dhona had welcomed the Domas, strangers to the lands, and given them work, a roof above their heads and a new home.

Now, more homeless and poor fellows arrived… from ul’dah! O.o;

2014-07-11 Storyline 2-3 01

The situation in Ul’dah was worse than I had ever realized. The split between rich and poor was extreme.

The poor were locked away so they would never recover or gain much money to live a normal life with enough food again.

The rich profited more and more by using the poor for their shady businesses!

2014-07-11 Storyline 2-3 02

There even had been brutal fights between the fractions recently. @.@;;

The poor were blamed but then again, they don’t even have the money to obtain weapons!

I had to investigate this shady business.

First of all, I snuck into one of the camps of the poor and scared a guy to death!

2014-07-11 Storyline 2-3 03

He was like: “Please don’t hurt me! I will tell you anything you want to know! But please, spare me!”

Okay, maybe I had exagerated a bit…

He lead me to the hideout of some well geared beggars.

First, I tried to scare and disgust them away by letting Bald Laurel sneeze on them.

2014-07-11 Storyline 2-3 04

It didn’t work.

Instead, they even got more angry at me!

They didn’t leave me any choice. I had to holy them and purify their souls.

2014-07-11 Storyline 2-3 05

After the purification process they were very cooperative and I found out the man behind it: A merchant.

He was willing to tell me about his boss.

Goddamn! How many bosses are there?!

2014-07-11 Storyline 2-3 06

Then, all of a sudden, the merchand was killed by an arrow.

I didn’t see it coming and my cures and raises wouldn’t work.

2014-07-11 Storyline 2-3 07

He was dead for good.

The Uldahnian police force quickly took over. This had now become an official matter…

2014-07-11 Storyline 2-3 08

Alphinaud and me were called to the Sultana to assess the situation.

2014-07-11 Storyline 2-3 09

To my surprise, they knew who was behind all of this!

It was nobody else but the merchant Tojimilili who had spoken for the acceptance of Domas in Mor Dhona.

The only thing he cared about was money and making profit of the poor.

2014-07-11 Storyline 2-3 10

That made me sad. Why are there people using others to gain money? I mean, I do the same with my retainers, but they have proper contracts and even get payed with ventures, so they can’t complain. This isssue here is a totally different level.

2014-07-11 Storyline 2-3 11

I didn’t have much time to talk with the Sultana, as I received an urgent call from Minfililia. Gridania and the Sylphs were in severe trouble…

Why does everything always happens at one? >_<;;

Do not worry, my dear friend Nanamo! I shall support you, even if I don’t understand all the political details. I will aid you and save your town!


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  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Aug 05, 2014 @ 09:22:39

    Ofc what else can you expect from Tojimilili. Did you not see his beard and mustache? Additionally ofc he is also a lalafell! Very untrustworthy. I heard he was also behind many shady things like building orphanages. So terrible…



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