Photoshoot with Jam – the expert model

Jam understands to pose. She’s a natural talent.

She doesn’t understand fashion too much though.

I mean, her first outfit looked nice and all and I’m sure everyone would love it!

Then again, who would recognize Jam in those clothes? She never wears them and everybody would be like: Why is she wearing that? blabla.

2014-06-28 Photoshoot Jam 01

We needed something authentic.

As I traveled with Jam through Thanalan, I came across a landscape. And this landscape was perfect for what I had in mind for Jam.

Near the coast, with several waterfalls and lakes, the area was perfect for an adventurer like her.

2014-06-28 Photoshoot Jam 02

So I made her do punches and tried to get a good photoshoot of her.

Jam had to do about one million punches until I was satisfied.

She had to turn left and right, look here and there…. I didn’t go easy on her but she fulfilled all of my requests.

2014-06-28 Photoshoot Jam 03

At some point, she seemed a bit tired. Well, the sun was burning down and she had to constantly punch and look good at the same time…

2014-06-28 Photoshoot Jam 04

I allowed us a little break and she directly put on her bikini.

Due to privacy reasons, I cannot show too much of her skin.

2014-06-28 Photoshoot Jam 05

In the end, I took a few nice fighting poses of Jam. She looks so cool with her glowing lion fists! ö.ö;;

2014-06-28 Photoshoot Jam 06

And also with her BBQ sticks.

2014-06-28 Photoshoot Jam 07

It was hard for me to decide which picture would make it into the calendar.

In the end, there could only be one.

EA-Girls of the Shore-03-AUGUST-Jam the adventurer


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