Fighting the Despair with little Adventures

Kinda shaken by the past events in Tam Tara, I decided to focus on the nice things in life.

I decided to learn a new skill that was offered just recently: Desynthesis.

2014-07-08 Desynthesis 01

With this, I could convert old, unneeded armor, weapons and items back into their components.

This sounded so handy at first, but as I proceeded, my skills seemed to increase just so slightly.

So… slowly…

2014-07-08 Desynthesis 02

It would take a lot of time until I could obtain actually useful items…

The other day, I made my way to Mor Dhona and search for Rowena.

I knew she had this new manor but I could only find two vendors in it. Where was Rowena?!

Searching for a long time, I finally had enough impatience to ask Ritzi for advice. She  tried to guide me there but I just couldn’t find the door Ritzi described.

Ritzi then had to come see me and show me the door. It was just straight ahead in the house of Rowena.

I had thougth the door was locked and couln’t be opened so I had ignored it!

Ritzi: “Riiko…” /

me: “….” /falls on the knees in utter despair

2014-07-13 Mor Dhona Rowena Fail

Suddenly, I heard a happy laughing voice.

It was Omn Nomnom!

This was the first time, I actually saw her. So far, I had only read her funny comics but now, I met her!

I got so nervous that I became too shy to talk to her… ;_;

2014-07-13 Omn Nomnom

I rushed away and bathed in self-pity.

To cheer me up, Potato let me ride on his back through town!

This was goddamn fun! ö.ö <3<3

2014-06-08 SMN Titan Potato

Ryko had become such an adorable cutie.

His bard seems to become stronger every day and he looks hotter and hotter.

I still wonder why he keeps that little rat by his side. By now he should be aware that it’s no squirrel, as he insists…

2014-06-08 Riiko Ryko

When I returned to the house, Ryko had already arrived and posed with Tremaine.

Then, Trem dropped this one.

2014-07-13 Tremaine and Ryko

Okay, and I thougth, Trem and Ryko were friends… Guess they are just killing each other on a frequent basis.

Killing buddies?

Speaking of killing, I would like to share an impression of my killing skills from ST:

2014-07-12 ST 01

I’m impressive, ain’t I?

Much more impressed by this really old picture, I decided to finally publish it.

Does anyone remember this place?

I remember spending a lot of time in there…

2013-12-20 Where am I 01

And then, Mag called me leech and sent me something he made with paint.

lolriiko - leech

It was the most awesome paint picture he had ever sent me! ö.ö <3 The Riiko Leech!

Actually, it was the only one.


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