Visventures – Stretching power meets splashy Leviathan

Everyone knows Visgal.

He is strong and his fashion is always unique.

There is nobody – not even Jam – who can keep up with him fashion-wise.

In preparation of the patch 2.3, we organized several events to allow people to finish old content and be prepared for the upcoming new challenged.

On a day against Leviathan, a truly dramatic thing happened.

Everyone panicked, ran off the stage and jumped into the water in a horrible brainfreeze.

Except Vis.

2014-07-07 Visventures Levi 01

Vis managed to stay on board and proceeded to teach Leviathan how to stretch and relax.

Only, this made Levi even angrier!

2014-07-07 Visventures Levi 02

Levi was no match for Vis.

Unable to hit Vis, Leviathan raged and slammed the stage many times.

As if Vis was worried about that!

2014-07-07 Visventures Levi 03

Instead, he proceeded to nuke Levi in an attempt to destroy him.

2014-07-07 Visventures Levi 04

In the end, the pressure from the group was too high and Vis jumped into the water to not make his companions too angry.

He could have beaten this evil seaworm on his own with ease.

Poor Vis!


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