EuroAsylum: High Dungeon Challenge

EuroAsylum is offering unique and fun events from time to time. Especially before big patches there are awesomely fun events!

Like this one:

“Each patch new dungeons are released, but unfortunately they are balanced for lower item levels. This means almost everyone out-gears them even the day they come out.

It’s time we experienced these dungeons at a more appropriate item level by using those convenient first tier job armours the game gives us (Handily set at ilvl55!) as well as a ~50 iLvl weapon and belt (which shall be issued to you at the event) You may use whatever accessories you please.” – Ritzin

I knew, I had to join!

And so I was teamed up with Ritzi, Jam and Leo.

2014-07-04 EA Dungeon Challenge 01

I must say, we were a pretty pro team. The other team was Emper’s team with like Ryko and stuff, but of course we had the advantage with pure girl power!

We were totally rocking the Lost City of Amdapor like real heroes!

2014-07-04 EA Dungeon Challenge 02

The Auroch boss dude was actually a real challenge.

Our usually capable tank Ritzi was unable to solo kill the adds in time to get a new stack on her. She needed support from the DPSs to keep Auroch on the ground.

Auroch itself was really tough and it took at least 7 minutes to beat him up!

2014-07-04 EA Dungeon Challenge 03

Now, we felt like true heroes and even Diablos wasn’t too much of a challenge. We just needed 3 sets of doors.

As expected, Emp’s team needed all 4 sets. tsk…

Unfortunately, Emp’s team defeated Diablos before us but then again, we entered shortly after they did so I’d call it a draw!

2014-07-04 EA Dungeon Challenge 04

Next time, we won’t go so easy on you, other team! ò____Ó;;

And then, we figuresd out that using the /visor emote is total fun…

clip clap clip clap

the visors opened and closed like they were dancing or talking to each other! :D Wooohooo~

2014-07-04 EA Dungeon Challenge 05


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. jam
    Jul 18, 2014 @ 09:09:39

    hahahaha! SB! SB! SB!



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