Jam’s awful styles and the lost twin

Jam is a very fashionable Miqo’lady.

As she is very skilled in crafting her own clothes – even the most rarest Highlevel pieces – she always looks fabulous.

At times, her taste unfortunately goes missing.

I don’t know why or how this happens, but it does.

2014-06-22 Jams styles 01

The only thing I can do in these situations is tell her off. Scolt her a bit.

She can do better than this!

2014-06-22 Jams styles 02

Well, that’s better. After all she has a very desirable body.

Then again, showing off her curves is not very Jam-like. She impresses with her overall appearance of charme, grase and attractiveness – not with skin showing percentage!

And when I had her at the point of wearing really adorable healer clothes with me, something terrible happened…

2014-06-22 Jams styles 03

I had not seen it coming.

Usually, I trust the judgements of my fellow Lalafells.

I couldn’t have been wronger.

Big Wolfi had adapted to Jam’s fashion style!

A world was breaking apart for me seeing the two with these awful hats and clothes!

2014-06-22 Jams styles 04

I ran away in the hope to find better fashion in Limsa and to relax from the horrors I had just experienced.

I was too slow

Jam had already caught up and invited Ritzi, Lyssa, Mag and me to a Dragoon Fashion gathering.

2014-06-22 Jams styles 05

Dragoon fashion can’t really be horrible so I was delighted to see quite some different outfits :D

And suddenly, we all had a realization.

Mag and Ritzi are twins! O_O;;

2014-06-22 Jams styles 06

I mean, just look at them! This hair, those eyes, those bodies, the fashion style!

They are so similar, one could easily mix them up! O__O;;

And this is how Ritzin and Mag found out they were twins.


People might think, this is the end of the story, but a few days later, a beautiful lady approached me.

2014-06-22 Jams styles 07

I was like: “Heeeeeey! Sexy laaaady!” /dance

And she was like: “Lol Riiko, what are you doing there?”

It was then when I realized, it was Jam! Over night she had grown up into a beautiful lady.

Her Hair looks really pretty and extraordinaire now.

Just look at the kinda pony tail thing on the back of her head! So pretty!

2014-06-22 Jams styles 08

Do I see grey hairs there or is this just dye…? o.ô /doubt


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Jul 17, 2014 @ 23:08:10

    The second picture is much better… glasses are so sexy on a girl…

    Unrelatedly, Nef just obtained her ‘Artisan’s Spectacles’…



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