Moogles go crazy and so do I (Atma crap)

(read in an epic movie trailer voice)

I slayed the Moogles on their last attempt to take over Eorzea.

Now, they have returned.

Even stronger than ever before, the Moogles have come to give their king a new home: Eorzea.

Only a small group of adventurers is brave enough to fight for their home to prevent the invasion.

2014-06-06 Moogle Ex 00

The Moogle King returned, bigger than ever before.

2014-06-06 Moogle Ex 02

His Minions had undergone restless training that showed off very efficient against the small group of adventurers.

2014-06-06 Moogle Ex 03

Their magic: destroying mankind!

2014-06-06 Moogle Ex 01

Okay, it was not quite as epic as described above.

In the end, we defeated the Moogle King and his Minions and they retreated to train for their next attack…

In the meantime, I also kinda trained to obtain a stronger staff!

I had to slay 100 enemies, pick up 3 levequests, challenge 3 dungeons, wait and score gold in 3 FATEs and pay 1500 Mythology Tomes.

Nine times.

It was an experience – and I’m still not done.

2014-06-07 Relic upgrade Atma-book crap 01

Waiting in the snow is boring.

Ensuring to have the right company makes it much more fun! You might even meet other adventurers, waiting for the same painfull FATE as you are!

2014-06-07 Relic upgrade Atma-book crap 02

Sometimes, thing get a little out of hand, especially when Jam and Ritzi are nearby…

2014-06-07 Relic upgrade Atma-book crap 04

Boredom lets one become creative and experiment-friendly. Running on auto-follow with 3 persons works for a short time. The circle the mounts are running gets smaller and smaller each round.

With 4 persons it might work out fine!

Anyone bored enough to try it out?

2014-06-07 Relic upgrade Atma-book crap 03



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