A new style to charm Mag

While Mag was trying out different styles for his Paladin, I was wondering, what I could change to look even more attractive for him.

I mean, he looks all epic with his GM-armor…

And I’m just a White Mage. Duh. Wow.

2014-05-24 Riiko and GM Magatsu

While thinking about a plan to charm Mag, I suddenly received a letter from him:

2014-05-30 Mag 01

Okay, It was clear to me more than ever.

He wanted me to make a move on him

So I opened my hair and let it go! Let it go!!

Little did I know, Ryko had exactly the same idea…

We ended up showing off our new hairstyles in front of Mag.

2014-05-30 Mag 02

As I (unsucessfully) tried to chase Ryko away with Potato, Ryko and I discussed our chances with Mag.

Clearly, we both do not have the boobie bonus…

2014-05-30 Mag 03

When Ryko realized, I was wearing my underwear to seduce Mag the whole time, he burst out laughing.

Such a meanie! I look totally adorable in it!

He just wouldn’t take me serious: “If you want to see someone sexy, look at me.”

2014-05-30 Mag 04

And so I looked at him.

Gawd, does he look handsome! ö////ö;

2014-05-30 Mag 05

With this, we decided to play fair and square on our path to charm Mag.

Of course, it was clear from the start that Mag would never be able to resist my strong charme ever!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Jun 23, 2014 @ 09:33:58

    I like the new style, but how will Riiko’s eyes be kept warm now? Maybe looking longingly at the smoking-hot-sexiness of Mag? (or Ryko?) Or through long intense gazes into each other’s eyes… I see Riiko has equipped a horn with her underwear. GJ matching Ryko’s equipment level! Mag will surely appreciate this! Speaking only for myself, I most often like it when Nef plays Scholar and sweetly looks after my health, but sometimes I like the powerful and dangerous (and horny) Summoner to fight at my back.



  2. Riiko Rinkoko
    Jun 23, 2014 @ 09:59:36

    I must say, I only switched to my adorable Summoner to protect Mag from the danger of Ryko’s beauty. My strong potato-tank (Titan) helped me keeping Ryko away from Mag while I threatened to use my horn on his knees. Ryko looked so scared! ´´o_´´o

    It’s great how you and Nef get along so well. :D I’m sure, you can always rely on her in times of need! and vice-versa ö.ö



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