Poem Week: The Hero’s Secret

A hero had come from fawaway lands
to explore the world with her bare hands.
She was very young and also quite small
but that wouldn’t stop her from giving her all.

Her Chocobo took her to different places
so that she could meet new interesting faces.
Her goal was to learn the magic of life
and eventually become a caring wife.

2014-04-09 Heroes 02

She went on adventures to grow super strong
and knew that a Lala can never be wrong.
Little did she know, she was still fifteen,
Her heart was still pure, few things had she seen.

The fights she fought, she fought all alone
she had no place that she would call home.
Solitude her companion, her eyes full of tears,
She had never thought, she was full of fears.

2014-04-09 Heroes 03

She had run away from her family
to explore the world after calamity.
Now she was alone in the big and wide world
She couldn’t even come up with good rhymes for her heroic tales!

Relief for her despression was closer than ever
adventurers came to her: “Times will become better!”
She believed those words and suddenly found
loyal friends to fight with her to cure her wound.

2014-04-09 Heroes 01

She became happy and always just smiled
when her friends were with her, she could go all wild!
Full of joy and hope, her days filled with fun
as she laughed and fought right under the sun.

2014-04-09 Heroes 04

The big Company of heroes alike
pushed her forward to grow,
to just banish the night
as always she’d know:

Her friends are with her, through thick and through thin.
She would never toss this present in a bin!
A hero is shining just through his own love
A hero would never tell you to f*** off!

2013-12-15 EA Scavenger Hunt 06

The hero decided that she wants to shine
for her friends to enjoy the adventures to come
and their forces to combine
to shine like the stars, the moon and the sun.

2014-04-19 WHM Hero Riiko 02

“I will guide you the path to a new life and day
to the magic of friendship, this is the new way!
Live your life full of smiles and delight
Just follow my bright, shining guidinglight.”

2014-04-19 WHM Hero Riiko 01

The hero had spoken but there was still
a hidden secret, the answer to fill.
How did she make her hair so pretty?
Why would she hide her secret all witty!?

A magical potion from a rare plant
mixed with some glitter that was nearly banned.
Just rub it into your beautiful hair
with pride you can now wear your hair.

2014-04-10 Glamour Shampoo

The good rhymes are over and so is this one
I must admit it was lots of fun!
Thank you for reading through all this week
my wonderful posts, so cool and unique!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ramzah
    Jun 08, 2014 @ 16:21:46

    There she is, Riiko Rinkoko
    I see her riding on her Chocobo.
    Her beauty so matchless
    and her love so endless.

    Fighting for justice with all she can
    but her power is stronger then 100 man.
    Healing, shlashing, shooting or singing
    in all classes, she will always be winning.

    Writing this for hours and hours
    can never match your rhyming powers.
    But I taking this fight with evil english
    only for you, to bring this to finish.

    Riiko without you, that would I think
    Eorzea would be dark and only stink.
    Your goodnes, your beauty, your absolute grace
    you even keep, if you kick in an enemy face.

    I given effort to honor your week
    to reach your poetry, I´ll go on to seek.
    To read your adventures is more then nice
    my eternal affection, should be your price!

    Ramzah Beoulve <3



  2. Riiko Rinkoko
    Jun 10, 2014 @ 08:58:51

    I have been thinking all weekend about a suitable answer but I couldn’t come up with anything that matches your poem. I thank you for your support and guidance! Surely I will do my best to live up to your expectations. ö.ö;



  3. Ramzah
    Jun 10, 2014 @ 09:47:19

    Any answer was enough, then I know you readed it, and it wasnt wasted time XD
    Checked the site again and again, if something happened XD XD XD



  4. Riiko Rinkoko
    Jun 10, 2014 @ 10:31:55

    I’m sorry for the delay then. I wished to answer in a poem worthy yours.. but I failed you! ;___;
    I ensure you, no post is wasted time! Ever!

    (You can also get email notifications in case of replies to the comments of each post! This is really handy. This way, I always know when someone commented and I can reply accordingly.)



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