Poem Week: Birth of the Purple Danger

On a dark and sinister night
a Lalafell girl was ready to fight!
She was all cute and shining bright
emitting the power of lovable light.

Trying to stop the misguided guy,
seduced by the magic, I don’t know why,
he didn’t seem strong but rather shy.
This didn’t stop him, the end was nigh!

2014-04-28 BLM 01

Guided by the master of beastmen tribes,
Riiko folloed the sinister vibes.
Soon she would find the little poor guy
and just stopping him, she would try!

2014-04-28 BLM 02

Through rifts appeared the terrible foes
and Riiko screamed many “Noooooo!”s.
She got it together and casted like hell
her carfully practised powerful spell.

She managed to fight the demon so big
Riiko was more than just a Lala chick!
Her powers much bigger than the universe
A tiny Lalafell wouldn’t find this controvers!

2014-04-28 BLM 03

And the misguided guy, he had studied so hard
to explore the powers of black magic art.
He just wouldn’t see why it had been banished,
the ancient magic spells they didn’t just vanish.

They were all there in the handwritten books
that the misguided guy wouldn’t keep off his looks.
He wanted to know the origin of magic
Who would have thought this was really tragic?

2014-04-28 BLM 04

The powers he used went out of hand
this was the reason they had been banned.
The misguided guy was sorry to see
he wasn’t the strong one – it was me.

He was happy to wittness the powers within
a little Lala girl, she wasn’t really thin,
but she had the strength to cast with a grin
the powerful magic which had been his sin.

He had lost himself in the power of magic
and gave up his life, this was too tragic
for the Lalafell girl, her heart had been pure
until now at least, this was for sure.

2014-04-28 BLM 05

Obtaining more power that she didn’t want,
she screamed out a powerful chant!
Trying to revive the misguided guy
It was all in vain, he had said goodbye.

2014-04-28 BLM 06

And so she was born, a Lalafell mage.
She was very stong for her young age.
She was wearing purple so everyone would fear
the power of purple and wouldn’t come near.

2014-05-19 BLM 02

If you see her one day, casting a powerfull spell
you should either run or just go to hell!
Unless you’re a friend, then you can be glad:
She will protect you and cast like mad.

2014-05-19 BLM 01

Her dream came true: To warp on top
of her Company house with a small hop,
to cast from up there, her deadly spells
just to ensure, nobody smells!


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