Sahagin Saviours: Friends from the Shore

With all the magic in Eorzea one would think that ships are unsinkable.

They aren’t.

Not because they lack magic but because there are terrible creatures out there that can sink magical ships!

And so it happened that a ship had a terrible accident and the people did their best to evacuate but a lil boy could not be saved.

The injured stranded on land, partially with the waves, partially with a little boat.

2014-03-27 Sahagin 01

Of course I healed the weak with the potions the Maelstorm Members provided me with. It would have been so much easier if they would have just let me heal them all, but no…

A woman cried utterly and begged the Maelstorm officer to go back to the ocean to save her son. He was powerless and an imbecile.

And then, something approached.

2014-03-27 Sahagin 02

We didn’t trust our eyes. A bunch of Sahagin approached the shore, ready to attack and slaugther all of us!

2014-03-27 Sahagin 03

Ready to cast the most powerful magic spells on them, I suddenly saw the small boat they brought with them.

In the boat: The missing son!

They had kidnapped him! O_O

2014-03-27 Sahagin 04

As they approached, they approached, they returned the boy back to their mother, stating, they did not wish to fight, they were just trying to help.

Then, they left.

I couldn’t help but research this strange behaviour.

Talking to the Clutchofficers of this Sahgin tribe, I found out a lot of interesting news about them. They were actually living in Clutches – groups of Sahagin, lead by the Clutchfather. This group of Sahagins was looking for a new place to stay and chose a part of the Shore not too far from Aleport as their new home.

And as the ship of innocent people had been destroyed through the fault of their race, they felt bad and somehow responsible.

2014-03-27 Sahagin 06

While they were not hateful against the Limsanian population, they wished to stay separated from the other clutches in order to live in peace.

They also did not worship the primal the other Sahagins worshipped: Leviathan. This made them outsiders in the water and on land.

I decided to support their noble interests and help them.

2014-03-27 Sahagin 07

So I burned down torture tools, freed captured limsanian soldiers, rescued the innocent and punished the evil.

2014-03-27 Sahagin 09

Together with Phoenix and Ritzi’s dangerous Chocomoth, I fought against bad Sahagins and destroyed their morale!

2014-04-11 Sahagin 01

I traveled to small islands to protect the local animals from terrible burglars and evil drunk soldiers!

2014-03-27 Sahagin 08

And I became Captain of a Ship!

You may now call me Captain Riiko.

2014-04-11 Sahagin 02

Captain Riiko and her giant fleet of giant ships ö.ö Awesome, right?

2014-04-11 Sahagin 03

Then, there is Jam. She isn’t too fond of helping the Sahagins on a daily basis so she is looking for excuses why she doesn’t have time.

It usually end in her jumping away on her unicorn, shouting:

“My people need me!”

2014-04-11 Sahagin 04

And then she disappears.

Pretty cool, huh? ö.ö


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    May 23, 2014 @ 09:58:19

    Sounds like Jam is pretty unreliable. Probably you should take Lyssa instead…



  2. Riiko Rinkoko
    May 23, 2014 @ 10:58:56

    Do not worry, Akh. I am a very strong and capable Lalafell and am doing fine without Miqo Girl support ò.ó (Although having a backstabbing assistant can never be a disadvantage!)
    The Sahagins are so happy with my performance, they even gave me one of their pet mounts. ö.ö This is another story for another time tho.



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