Zodiac Weapons: We all love Atmas!

Since recently, Tomes of Philosophy have been abolished. Instead, the new Tomes of Soldiery have been introduced, as well as a new, unique way to upgrade your relic weapon. This sounds pretty exciting, right?

The new weapons are called Zodiac Weapons and Gerolt tells you to check out some new dude.

And so, the Saga begins.

A Saga indeed…

2014-03-30 Zodiac Weapon 01

Expecting a thrilling and exciting new adventure, I checked out the new dude. He came from a faw away land that specialized in creating and augmenting relic weapons.

I was very impressed by him and the skills he said he had.

The only thing he needed to make my weapon better was simple:

12 Aetherite shards called Atma.

They were found in the heat of battle in all possible FATEs, as where powerful magic is cast, Aetherie will gather and form into shards.

2014-03-30 Zodiac Weapon 02

And so I started fighting with passion and desire. This promised to be fun and a great opportunity to increase the skills of my loyal companion Phoenix!

2014-03-30 Zodiac Weapon 03

It continued.

1, 2, 3 Atmas obtained. Lucky!

Days later, the luck had disappeared.

While other completed their Atmas in what seemed to be a mere day, I was still looking for my 4th Atma.

Paint-2014-05-05 Atma

After ages and ages of terrifyung FATE terror and Atma bad luck rages, thoughts about leaving Eorzea for good, I somehow managed to gather the 12 Atmas.

And I was rewarded with a new Dead Bird Staff. The glow had disappeared and the former white bird had turned blue.

Something was clearly amiss.

I was referred to a Miqo’Lady who was mainly focused on making money. I had to pay her 1500 Tomes of Mythology (rip off!!) to obtain a book which would help my staff overcome the terrible color change of decay.

2014-03-30 Zodiac Weapon 04

And so, another Trial commenced within the Saga of the Terrifying Weapons.

2014-03-30 Zodiac Weapon 05

The book contained different trial. I had to defeat 100 specefic enemies, beat 3 dungeon bosses, win in 3 FATEs and fullfill 3 Guildleves.

Can’t be that hard, can it?

2014-03-30 Zodiac Weapon 06

No, it’s not as hard. Instead, it is damn expensive which is why it takes quite long. Obtaining 1500 Mytho is quite a hassle…

And all those incompetent adventurers who do not understand basic conepts of successfull fighting as a team against the monsters. It is very sad what has become of many adventurers.

In the end, I managed to Complete the Trials of the Braves! Wooooosh!

The stats of my dead bird weapon increased!

2014-03-30 Zodiac Weapon 07-first book


Happily, I consulted the Miqo’Lady.

She offered me to buy more of these books….

Me completing the Trials of the Fooled was just a lie… I had many many more book to complete.

I didn’t feel tricked at all or anything… Why would I? =_=

The pain of Atma farming shall not have been in vain. I will ensure to make it worth it and obtain the best White Archmage weapon ever! ò.ó/

P.S. The title is a lie.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    May 14, 2014 @ 09:51:09

    I have two atma! When I bang them together, sound is made! I is very happy with my atma!



  2. Riiko Rinkoko
    May 14, 2014 @ 09:58:09

    Atmas. Making people insane sind last patch! D:



  3. Kaerana Dawnstryder of Balmung
    May 16, 2014 @ 18:05:19

    It wasn’t too bad…okay I lie it was pretty bad farming up a set of 12.

    The 13500 Mythology farming was boring and the tasks in each book even boring-er. But when its all said and done, you’ll come out of it with a shiny new weapon and a sense of emptiness as you look at your still incomplete relic weapon! (At least I get to fight with glowing fists of fire right?)

    At least its been announced that the upgrade path shall continue on, and this painful landmark is a necessary evil to a greater weapon. Don’t lose hope my fellow Lalad-venturer! There is an end to it all :D



  4. Riiko Rinkoko
    May 19, 2014 @ 08:42:25

    Well… yeah, it was bad. The best thing one can do is watch something on tv or so while farming fates and pretend it’s not as bad as it seems ö.ö That helped! XD



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