Fighting for Cheese – The secret ingredient!

I heard rumors about new dungeons which would reveal an astonishing cheese recipe.

According to my information, there were only two new dungeons left to explore for this matter: Neo Halatali and Neo Brayflox.

2014-03-27 New adventures dungeons 12

Halatali even had merchants available but they couldn’t give me any information. <.<

Very unreliable!

2014-03-27 New adventures dungeons 13

Having to fight lots of Gladiators, in the end, a lil Black Mage and his pet tried to destroy us intruders.

2014-03-27 New adventures dungeons 14

As if we’d let that happen!

Unfortunately, they didn’t know anything about the rumored cheese recipe.

2014-03-27 New adventures dungeons 16

I was hoping, the Goblins knew more – Goblins usually know what’s going on in the world.

What did my Lalafell eyes have to see?!

The Goblins had been invaded by the Illuminati, a terible clan that was trying to obtain the cheese recipe and with it the top secret ingredient!

2014-03-27 New adventures dungeons 15

On our path, we freed all the goblins. As thank you, the Goblin Brayflox opened a secret passage that would lead us to the Illuminati boss.

2014-03-27 New adventures dungeons 17

And so, we fought through thousands of explosions!

Like true experts we evaded every single explosion. So pro!

2014-03-27 New adventures dungeons 18

In the end, the evil Illuminati and the Goblin Brayflox and everything blew up in a big BOOOOOOOOOOoOoOoOOOM!

2014-03-27 New adventures dungeons 19

This totally destroyed the Illuminati and they retreated. The cheese recipe was finally saved!

Just to hit the Illuminati with the truth, the Goblins mumbled the secret ingredient into the ear of the defeated villian:

2014-04-13 Gobbie 01

And then!! He mumbled it!!

2014-04-13 Gobbie 02

OH MY GOB!!! It was too silent, I couldn’t hear it >.<;;

Afterwards, the Goblins celebrated big time and invited me as their loyal friend and saviour.

Once again, the Goblins had successfully survived an invasion of evil enemies.

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