Tekra Astonishing Beauty Noble Heroic Wonderment Tuff Tuff Tuffalon

One fine day it happened, that I had enough Tomes to buy the really cool Valkyrie fighting outfit!

I totally had to show it off to Leo who was pretty much surprised by my strong outfit and aura!

2014-04-03 New WHM SCH Style 01

This was not today’s main attraction though.

We made haste to the house, because our old new LS Buddy Tekra was back! He stated, he had been on a long exploration travel to a far away continent and only returned to Eorzea recently.

So, we decided to welcome him at our house.

2014-04-03 Tekra 01

Do you know Tek?


His full name is Tekra Astonishing Beauty Noble Heroic Wonderment Tuff Tuff Tuffalon. Nobody remembers that so everyone just calls him Tek.

And because he’s so fabulous, Leo and me taught him how to warp on the roof!

2014-04-03 Tekra 02

He was really impressed and together we gazed at the ocean.

2014-04-03 Tekra 03

He then dropped this one:

2014-04-03 Tekra 04

Tek is very picky and honest. he’s special and different.

When he talks, truth and widom is spread to his listeners. At times annoying for the guys, he manages to win all the girls for himself:

2014-04-03 Tekra 05

He makes them dance and enjoy time with him.

And he makes them really fierce and dangerous!

2014-04-03 Tekra 06

Even I am not spared and just couldn’t help myself to do an elegant poledance for everyone!

2014-04-03 Tekra 07

Somehow, my dancing scared away the other girls and Tek wa skind enough to teach me how to attract guys for real!

2014-04-03 Tekra 08

My posing as totally improved since his training and I’m really proud to have such an experienced Lala teacher!


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