EuroAsylum: A new style of Housing

The Leviathan Fountain is very popular. So is the Butterfly bench that is integrated into it.

The usually very wild and untamable Ritzin sat down next to me like a friendly kitten! She now has a new hairstyle which totally reminds me of my aunt’s hairstyle…

2014-04-02 Housing 02

I mean, you see the similarities, right?

FFXIV - Riikos tante

I hope she will chose a different style by the time this entry is published. She looks just too cute in it @.@;;

Anyway, Jam decorated the basement! It is now really comfy and pretty. I like it!

Somehow the Ifrit head doesn’t fit too well anymore but on the other hand, the basement at least looks like a relaxing oasis place where wine is served. High quality relaxng space. Yes please!

2014-04-02 Housing 01

So Ritzin followed me fown there.

And I think that the Behemoth head actually looks less scary than her. Don’t you agree?

2014-04-02 Housing 03

And then, everything changed, when Ritzi spotted my little Eos. Ritzi was so mezmerized by the little fairy that she became such a cute, adorable and lovely girl! ö.ö

2014-04-02 Housing 04

I totally had to tell Jam about this latest development and praise her about the changes in da house.

She’s usually surprising everyone with new stuff in our home. ö.ö

And she also has some adorable glasses that make her look sooooo sweet!

Not even talking about her new hairstyle.

2014-04-02 Housing 05

She also made herself new cool clothes for her Bard and other jobs! Such skill!

2014-04-02 Housing 06

And while Jam was creating more stuff, I decided to relax with Vis at the new hidden fireplace.

He’s a true pirate!

Scary looks, a kind heart, muscles and a captain’s hat! ö.ö

2014-04-02 Housing 07

A few days later, Sir Scott put up the most impressive and prettiest picture on the walls of our home:

A painting of the Sultana and Raubahn.

I have been looking forward to this moment for so long.

Adorable cuteness and undefeatable power united in one single picture. <3

2014-04-02 Housing 08

And then, as time passed, Ritzi, Jam (now with another new hairstyle which she says is her original hairstyle) and me were caught while playing “Hide the Lala”.

It was a little embarassing to see Lonix shocked like that. @_@;; The game is truly fun though! I can only recommend it.

2014-04-02 Housing 09



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