Adventures: Strengths and Weaknesses

It is one of my weaknesses to distinguish my friends. While I can always cheat and magically read their names above their heads, it is a true challenge to not use this feature and try to see who is who!

So one of these pretty ladies is Ritzi, the other is Loxie. But who is who? O_O;;

2013-12-25 Loxie 05 Ritzin

While I was wondering about who is who, I entered the adventurer’s guild in Ul’dah to have a seat and relax.

Unfortunately, some old Gladiator Veteran was there.

2014-02-01 Bar fight GLD 01

As he drew his sword, a bar fight erupted!

2014-02-01 Bar fight GLD 02

And I was in the middle of it! @.@;;

I can tell you, fighting in a bar, trying to not wreck the whole place, trying to not actually hurt the attackers is really difficult.

2014-02-01 Bar fight GLD 03---PAINT

After this, I decided to avoid anything that has to do with Gladiators in the near future.

Instead, I followed a helping call.

The Retainer of someone was long overdue from an adventure. So I ventured to the woods just to find the pretty Retainer lady scared of some birdies.

After slayingthe birds, I calmed the lady down.

2014-03-27 Retainer 01

She told me about ventures and that retainers can now be adventurers too while bringing home exciting loot for their master!

I directly checked with my noble retainers. They were thrilled to become adventurers!

I sure hope, they don’t relax like Nomnom’s Retainers… >.>;



Mag is changing his hair on a frequent basis but now, he has some solid handsome style. When I look at him, my heart starts melting.

Doesn’t he look adorable?! ö___ö

2014-03-31 Sun

Everyone who hasn’t found this Magic Pot yet should travel to the Umbral isle and receive your own sun for pretty lighted expert photos!


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