Hildibrand: The shining Gentleman solves the case

And so, Hildibrand was burried once again from Nashu’s bomb explosion.

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 14

Suddenly, he jumped out of the sand as he remembered!

He woke up and it was all dark around him. When he reached for the sun, he actually realized that he had been burried alive!

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 15

As he stood up from his grave, he had no idea who he was and what had happened!

A tragic moment in the midnight lightning!

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 16

Zombies were attraced by this strange man and thus, Hildibrand came to the only logical conclusion: He was a Zombie, too.

So he taught the Zombies how to become Gentlemen Zombies and lead the group for several years.

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 17

That was until Nashu made him remember.

And the very same day, Hildibrand was ready to solve his first case as reborn Inspector Hildibrand!

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 18

It was a big case about an ancient sword where the suspect was accused of having stolen it. Even the Eorzean press was included!

Nashu had become Hildibrand’s assistant again and I was allowed to follow around, too.

So we had to find clues in a small lake where we were supposed to find the stolen sword.

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 19

The worthless pebble and useless bottle I found seemed to be real important clues for Hildibrand.

He wasn’t really interested in the rusty sword I had found…

Somehow, we returned to the guy who gave us the case and it turned out, this was exactly the swoord he had been looking for. The knight who had been accused of theft had nothing to do with it after all – he was just a knight who was passing by…

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 20

Another case, awesomely solved by Hildibrand and his new assistant Riiko.

To celebrate, Nashu provided shiny drinks.

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 21

But what was that?!

Hildibrand got hit by a black-red card!

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 22

It was a challenge card, challenging Hildibrand for something.

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 23

Of course Hildibrand was totally into it and would show his awesome skills as long as the wolrd needed him!

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 25

This challenge card transformed Hildibrand back to his old glamour.

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 26

His clothes repaired and shining.

His hair straight and glamorous.

His smile as charming as can be.

A true Gentleman of Light!

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 27

At the outside of the house we were partying in, a strange person idled around and proceeded to stalk us.

Nobody noticed this person but me and I am sure, times will get really troublesome.

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 28

And thus, Hildibrand and his assistand Nashu were reborn!

2013-12-19 Hildibrand 31

This is not the end. This is just the beginning of a wonderful and unique adventure.

An adventure of trust, despair, love, betrayal, investigation and murder!

An adventure that you should not miss.


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