The Life of a Glamorous Dragoon

As Mor Dhona is growing, new vendors and merchants are attracted every day. Recently, a couple of vendors opened shops where they offer tools to glamourize your gear. This is so cool!

Boring White Mage Armor transforms toooooooo….

2014-03-27 Glamour 01

…Noble Healer Lady Riiko!

Sir Scott also looks so glamorous in his new outfit!

2014-03-27 Glamour 02

I decided to gear up my Dragoon in order to obtain experience in close combat. You wonder why? Well, if I understand the different fighting styles and their problems, I can support them even better as healer!

So I met this guy in the Crystal Tower.

Do not despair. If you do not know this Gentleman of Light, I shall present him soon enough.

2014-03-27 Glamour 03

And so, I exceled as Dragoon and smashed small foes like King Behemoth.

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 01

Or the giant Acheron’s foot.

Fear me, the Foot Smasher, Piercer, Destroyer!

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 02

And as I shone so bright in the tower, I allowed myself to rest like an amazon warrior on the most dangerous mount in the world.

Maybe you are wondering, how I obtained this Behemoth Dude. Well, you obviously haven’t payed attention to my adventures.

Remember when I was still yound and unexperienced and I went to find the Behemoth mom with Ryko and Migh’to? Baby Behi has grown up.

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 03

As you know, I have become a guard.

I guard the innocent healers of Euro Asylum who sometimes just enjoy themselves a little too carefree…

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 04

Some carefreeness I actually do not mind at all… /drool

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 05

And so I took those with me to the Crystal Tower.

Of course I kept guarding them as guard. <.<;

I really do not support such carefree behaviour. This is terrible! A disastre!

What will people now think of our Free Company?!

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 06

At least, I am much cooler than Mag’s Dragoon, as you can obviously see:

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 08

And I drop… well I do not drop bombs but when I put all my power into my spear, things do not survive for long.

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 07

Same goes for me. One second wasted in trying to heal myself when it is not my task will result in instant death due to slow evading which leads to a spacing out bomb explosion and futher embarassing defeats.

If someone ever talks about Titan, I will not know this Titan person. All will be denied. I never met him either.


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