EuroAsylum Housing: A new Guard guarding Gardening

A small garden was installed into our garden. And by garden I meed an area where you can plant seeds and make them grow.

When I arrived, small sprouts were sprouting in the warm morning sun and with the small watering can I nuritoured the sprouts to make them grow big and strong.

2014-03-28 Gardening 01

Then, I proceeded to plant my very own apple seeds which I had found during some logging adventures.

I added solid grade 3 soil, handgathered by Lyssa. This would give my appleseeds the best soil to grow on.

2014-03-28 Gardening 02

I tended my seedling and I petted it and talked to it and gave it lots of affection.

2014-03-28 Gardening 03

And when I realized that people like Lyssa arrived, I switched to my Dragoon. Having the ability to quickly sweep the legs of anyone trying to step on my seed is very helpful in protecting it.

Lyssa, evil as she is, stomped all over the seeding soil, saying she will crush all the seeds.

Now, if you do not know Lyssa, you would have totally been scared of her.

As I know her for a while now, she is not as evil as she pretends to be. (Remember how she stabbed me in the back when I really needed it? So kind of her!)

She did stomp on the soil and her footprints were everywhere but all the seeds were carefully spared. ö.ö

2014-03-28 Gardening 04

And then, Tremaine said something. (It was on April 1st…)

2014-04-01 Wavesoul fount

And thus, Jam and me placed the fountain in front of our house.

Judging from its size, small houses will have an issue to fit it into their small garden… >.<;

2014-03-28 Gardening 05

It looks preeeeetty awesome, don’t you agree?

We need to thank Trem’s gorgeous retainer who is most likely the most skilled retainer in the world.

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing some issues with the water supply. The water of the fountain doesn’t reach as high as we would like to… We are currently checking this issue.

2014-03-28 Gardening 06

As you can see, we did some changes to the garden all over.

It looks very adorable and even with the giant fountain, it still doesn’t look crowded or too full.

This is what people call Expert Interior Designers.

2014-03-28 Gardening 07

And then, Vis appeared. He is our new Butler with a small opo-baby on his shoulder. He is soooo adorable!

Vis, I mean.. not that opo scrub. <.<;

2014-03-28 Gardening 08

And thus, Vis and me guarded our home all night.

No stranger even tried to get close to us. We are just too scary.

2014-03-28 Gardening 09

And so, we always have some guards to protect the precious sproutlings in our garden.

2014-04-12 Housing 05


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