Character Focus: R’una, the Seeker of Freedom breaks free

When R’una told Magatsu who she was, Magatsu seemed really confused.

What did this cat want from him? He had never heard of a fiancé.

Turns out, his parents failed to tell him about his engagement… Maybe they wanted to surprise him?

When R’una asked him if he would mind that she is following the martial arts path and not the paladin path, he just replied with “I don’t mind.”

2014-02-15 Runa 15

They then proceeded to fight alongside in a pirate cave.

Turns out, Magatsu was also not only a paladin, but also trained the arts of other professions.

2014-02-15 Runa 16

And R’una happily joined the pugilist’s guild to train under a really old and weakish trainer…

2014-02-15 Runa 17

Now free of her duty to become a Paladin, she made aquintance with little Leberwurst who actually wanted to become a paladin.

2014-02-15 Runa 18

While trying to convince him to stop this silly job, he just laughed and danced and jumped around wildly.

One couldn’t be more carefree.

2014-02-15 Runa 19

But then again… He was one of a scary guy who takes his training really serious.

2014-02-15 Runa 20

R’uma decided to focus more on her own path.

2014-02-15 Runa 21

And so, she was offered her own chocobo by a chocobo-dressed Lalafell!

2014-02-15 Runa 22

She called him Blaze.

2014-02-15 Runa 23

They became best friends and fight side-by-side through the most dangerous adventures.

Nobody has heard of R’una ever since.


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  1. Ramzah
    Apr 17, 2014 @ 15:51:40

    Oh oh oh! Not good for R’una if her wannabe or mustbe Husband just says “I dont mind”. A good guy would say “Whatever you wish” or “As long as you are happy with it, it will make me happy too”. Poor R’una, I hope Magatsu will change, or that R’una knows about divorcement. Maybe Blaze can smell the bad treatment of Magatsu and will attack him! Chocobos has good hearts!



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