A new Lalafell friend: Lilittle Babacchi

One day, suddenly, a super cool wannabe-pro Lalafell appeared in front of our house: Lilittle Babacchi.

He doesn’t have a talking issue but I’m sure his parents had when naming him…

He posed in a very cool way and told everyone, he was going to be the bestest Warrior in Eorzean History.

Yeah, right.

2014-03-22 Lilittle Babacchi 01

He was very convinced of himself, his power, his looks and all, but he was still a newbie who had to discover the world.

Unbelievable, that I am saying this! Not too long ago, I was just like him: a little Lalafell who didn’t know anything of the real world!

2014-03-22 Lilittle Babacchi 02

But there was one thing, Lililittle was afraid of: Rogas!

And if it wasn’t enough, somehow someone (not me!!!111) pissed off Visgal who becam really angry and threatened to kill us all.

Panicking like lil lalas do, we summoned Chaosi whom we pushed towards our terrifying Visgal-Roga-Enemy!

2014-03-22 Lilittle Babacchi 03

At first, Vis was laughing, but then, Chaosi summoned Ifrit.

2014-03-22 Lilittle Babacchi 04

I cannot explain well what happened, but Vis was so kind to record his last moments on a video tape.

We had to rebuild the Mist afterwards but with some magic, this was all really easy and the other Free Companies didn’t even know their houses had been destroyed over night…

The next morning, everything looked the same as before. Only that Eorzea was now Roga-free!

2014-03-22 Lilittle Babacchi 05

We have to thank Chaosi for making this world a better place.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bacchi
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 13:30:59

    That is a cool looking lalafell!



  2. Ramzah
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 15:56:42

    And Chaosi even just used half of his power!!! XD



  3. Riiko Rinkoko
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 16:03:12

    lol, very true! @both :D



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