Extremely Extreme Challenges

Who hasn’t defeated Garuda yet?

Exactly, everyone has done it. It’s nothing special.

People did it for Eorzea.

People did it for a new weapon.

People did it for futher new weapons.


2014-01-10 Garuda EM 01

But now, there is a new challenge ahead.

Some say, that Garuda looks exactly the same as when they met her before.

I can assure you, she is not the same.

She is a beast!

And so am I!

A beast of a Healer! ò.óV

2014-01-10 Garuda EM 09

As you can see, the fight against such a garudic beast is not exactly easy. It’s extreme.

And her sisters are extreme too.

And her plumes.

2014-01-10 Garuda EM 08

And her tornados.

2014-01-10 Garuda EM 07

And her everything.

But I would like to add on a side note: WE ARE ALSO EXTREME!

2014-01-10 Garuda EM 02

And suddenly, after many extremely depressing and extremely motivating fights, I felt like I was gone with the wind.

2014-01-10 Garuda EM 04

Proudly, the EXTREME HEROES posed in front of EXTREME Garuda’s Urn.

2014-01-10 Garuda EM 03

I saw something sparkling on the ground and I made a big mistake.

2014-01-10 Garuda EM 05

I picked it up and had a look at it.

It said:

“Titan stole my favorite feather gown. Go and kill that bitch. Garuda”

2014-01-10 Garuda EM 06

I didn’t want to ignore her last dying wish and followed her humble request.

2014-03-07 Titan EX 01

Titan looked EXTREMELY pissed off when I mentioned the stolen feather gown. It seems he didn’t want anyone to find out about his strange clothing taste…

As if a string wasn’t already strange enough!

2014-03-07 Titan EX 02

So we took the challenge.

And we really tried hard.

And we even put a collar with a chain to his neck.

2014-03-07 Titan EX 03

It didn’t work at all.

We would always get crushed by stones, latest when he summoned his little brothers who proceeded to drop yellow lava to the ground.

And sometimes, the best solution was to jump…

2014-04-05 Titan 01

Actually, the most funny happening during this fight was when one of us was extremely caged in a gaol and the Titans waited outside to smash their prey to death.

Such a unique and extreme experience!

2014-03-07 Titan EX 04

Just like with my previous Titan training, I have continued to practise and will not rest until he is down.

Especially Jam is extremely positive about the whole Titan challenge and does not show the slightest bit of fear. She’s so impressive! ö.ö

2014-04-05 Titan 02

I wanna see Titan’s stolen feather dress! (maybe it totally suits me? ö.ö)


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