The way to the heart is through the stomach


Spending a long time to prepare food for someone is quite soem work but it totally pays off.

As per request, I prepared the finest meals I have ever seen in my life.

2014-02-02 CUL 01

And these meals went directly on the Sultana’s plate!

2014-02-02 CUL 02

She tried a bite…

If you could only had seen her face filled with pure joy and happiness.

Seeing her like this made it hard to hold back my tears.

When had the Sultana smiled like this the last time?

2014-02-02 CUL 03

For no reason, me, as the cook, was allowed in the dining room and the Sultana thanked me for the awesome meal.

Usually, the higher-ups do not let lowsies like cooks into their dining rooms. Why was I allowed? o.o;

Maybe the Sultana remembered how I saved Eorzea before and thus invited me…?

2014-02-02 CUL 04

My Culinarian Guildmaster praised me for my great success and gave me a master chef hat.

I should go out into the world, cook and make people happy with my food.

I want to make people happy with my meals.

2014-02-02 CUL 05

So I started cooking.

Paint-2014-03-17 Cooking

I don’t wanna make anyone happy in particular, but there is this miqo guy who I wouldn’t mind eating my meals and smile at me in a totally adorable way…

2014-02-02 Mag 01


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