Summoner Challenges: Picking Potatoes

It was time for me to continue my Summoning training, so Y’miqote told me.

Summoning the powers of my Summoner Soul Stone would enable me to subdue the next primal and make him my loyal pet, just as I had done with Ifrit not too long ago.

By the way, his leg day training is going okay, also the progress is not very visible.

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 01

And so I called upon my Summoning powers and summoned TITAN!

Yo, man, I ain’t scared of ya!

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 02

He did lots of flashy abilities and stuff, but I defeated the real hard Titan before. Now I had to face a cute glowy Titan who looked more like a potato than a thread.

Of course, I defeated him and he accepted to lend me his powers.

That was when this Summoner-on-the-wrong-track appeared. He was wearing black clothes and seemed to be some kind of cool, overpowered dude.

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 03

Using his sinister powers, he summoned an Ifrit, totally bigger than mine!

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 04

Mega-Ifrit appeared. And I tell you, he wasn’t pleased.

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 05

He decided to self-destruct as “hello, nice to meet you”-greeting.

Someone has to teach this Ifrit some matters. <.<;

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 06

Not thinking about the danger of the explosion but rather of Ifrit’s bad manners,I nearly would have died in the explosion if Titan had not protected me in the last second!

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 07

Y’miqote then tossed some rocks and totally scared the Dark Summoner dude away!

She is so impressive. ö.ö

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 08

We then had a long chat about the Dark Summoner, his bad manners and how Titan was really awesome.

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 09


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