The Mysteries of Nym: Never again without my book

Alka, Eos and me traveled to the Wanderer’s Palace. To our surprise, we were not welcomed by the usual enemies, but instead by hordes of Tonberries.

They must have heard about Alka and me investigating their home and gathered to get rid of us.

Every Tonberry we defeated, transformed into a Flame of Rancor and started following us until we found the Scholarberry again.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 11

A second before Alka could chop his head off, Eos interferred again and healed the Scholarberry.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 12

He woke up, feeling like having had a long dream.

And he finally remembered everything.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 13

An unknown illness had come over the sea and spread through the whole City of Nym. The illness changed body and memories of everyone living there and transformed them into Tonberries.

Soon, everyone forgot who they were.

Except Scholarberry.

He remembered. Finally.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 14

Thanking us for our efforts, he went his own way to find a cure for his brothers and sisters. By his side, Lily, his loyal fairy.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 15

We accompanied him a little until the exit of Wanderer’s Palace where our ways would part. Eos casted wonderful farewell-spells on him.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 16

And then, I met Ryko and Jam with their fairies.

We all put on our loveliest gear to pose. We swore to ourselves, we would never catch the illness and live happily ever after with our fairies.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 17

A few days later, Ryko approached me.

After weeks of struggling, he had finally robbed the Royal Vest from one of the Crystal Tower bosses.

While I had already obtained the full gear set in advance, Ryko still had not completed it yet.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 18

Full of joy we are now sharing our partner look! One, looking mor adorable than the other. Ofc, I am the one and he is the other. But he still looks handsome.

And then, I started working on obtaining my relic book. THE book.

Against Ifrit, I showed a unique performance, carrying the whole group through the fight and using the Tier 3 Limit Break of complete Revival and Healing to everyone.

It was so epic.

People fell to Ifrit’s attacks and I brought them back. Again and again until Ifrit gave up.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 19

Titan was not an issue.

I simply destroyed him thanks to my recent skill improvement in the training camp.

This photo was taken just a second after Titan gave up. As you can see, I am alive. I didn’t faint during the entire fight.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 20

And so, Gerolt rewarded me with THE BOOK!

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 21

Proud as Oskar, I would never let go of the book again.

And so, the adventures of Eos and me continues. At times, I would let Selene out, but she was more of a quiet and rather unsocial fairy, so I let her stay in her fairy would, most of the time.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 22

I found lots of fellow Scholar friends.

It was surprising how many were wearing the Royal Vest.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 23

And sometimes, I just sat there, discussing the Twelve and the World with Eos.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 24

Together, we shall protect an heal everyone. We shall protect Eorzea from danger.

We shall heal wounds, injuries, shield those in need, dance with the sad.

The big adventures are just about to start.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ramzah
    Mar 28, 2014 @ 21:04:36

    The end is so sweet and heroic!!! <3
    But besides, Ryko looks sooooooo cooooooool in the Royal vest! Ö.Ö



  2. Riiko Rinkoko
    Mar 29, 2014 @ 12:01:46

    Aye, the Royal vest is super cool! ö.ö <3<3 And Ryko too.



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