The Mysteries of Nym: Clothing time!

Alka Zolka decided to keep exploring the mysteries of Nym. Now, only ruins were left of the once glorious city.

We encountered a Tonberry.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 01

Okay, one of the many Tonberries like in the Wanderer’s Palace, I thought.

But this one was different!

He was wearing a clever looking hat and a wise-guy robe! O_O

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 02

Eos was as surprised as us, when we faced this strange foe.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 03

But there was no other way than defencing ourselves, when he rushed to us to kill us!!

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 04

But suddenly, Eos stopped us!

The Tonberry kept calling her Lily, his sun. And Eos also acted quite strangely, as if they knew each other.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 05

In the end, the Tonberry ran away and Alka somehow got inspired by his clothes.

All three of us further investigated to find out more about thos Scholar-like clothing style.

After long days of exploration, we were finally able to give the final designs to the Crafting guildleaders who willingly accepted a free of charge creation of my Scholar Clothes. They had never before seen such unique and beautiful designs before and it was an honor for them, to create the first of a kind clothing!

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 06

So I made the guildleaders work for me. For free.

I won’t lie.

It felt good.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 07

And I also felt proud. All the work had finally payed off!

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 08

I also went out with Eos to explore and train with her. Whatever I did, she refused to tell me about that Tonberry and why he had called her Lily.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 10

And then, I had obtained all beautiful clothes – except a noble robe.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 09

I must admit, I feel really stupid wearing this scholary clever looking hat… It’s so big and strange.

But, I already discussed this with Alka and he accepted my invite to the Wanderer’s Place. There, we surely should find a clue about the Scholar Tonberry’s whereabouts.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ramzah
    Mar 28, 2014 @ 21:01:03

    The clothes you had before looked better (on the 3rd and 4th picture) :D
    But again you managed all that very well! ^^



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