Bardventures: A Shooting Melody

I decided to continue my Archery training. I’m sure you remember how I fought against the Redbelly Miqo Burglers with some ppl from the Archery Guild. We continues to investigate the Redbellies to once and for all destroy them.

Turns out, our fellow Archer Apprentice was once one of them! O.o

2014-01-09 Archer 01

I still offered to help with all my power as the miqo explained, she wasn’t happy about how they just burglered around.

So we set a trap to their leader…

2014-01-09 Archer 02

And even if she had company with her, we wer cleverer ò.óV

2014-01-09 Archer 02-2

And in the end, we captured her. That would put an end to the Redbellies! ò.óV YEAH!

2014-01-09 Archer 03

My guildmaster then referred me to a veteran Bard. He was an old man that once was one of the strongest Archers in the world. In addition, he also used his Bow as harp to support his buddies with motivationg music.

2014-01-09 Archer 04

He was pretty strange and seemed really depressed. The retirement from Archery wasn’t really good for him…

Still, I could convince him, to teach me some songs.

And then, I trained.

2014-01-09 Archer 05

I followed the voice of my heard. Fought my way towards the sunset!

I trained my hearing skills near the Marketboards so that I would be able to listen better to rare sounds and melodies.

2014-01-09 Archer 06

With my newly trained skills, I learned aweome songs and melodies!

2014-01-09 Archer 07

With these I was able to challenge the most dangerous dragons and slay them like a true dragon slayer! \ò.ó/

2014-01-09 Archer 08

And then, when the old Bard trusted me more, he told me why he retired… He couldn’t shoot anymore. O.o

2014-01-09 Archer 09

As much as he tried, the arrow would not leave his bow.

He had fought alongside so many friends and all of them had died. He had been unable to protect them. Every day he suffered, knowing, it was his fault…

So he decided, I should have his old Bard Clothing. He told me, he had tossed his old things away, so I went to get them back. ò.óV

2014-02-21 Paint Riiko BRD Clothes

I was surprised how well they fit. But what do I expect from magical Bard clothing!

Then, he asked me to meet him at the gravestone where his friends had been burried.

2014-01-09 Archer 10

He wanted to pay his respects and show them what a great Bard he had raised.

It was then when Ixals came to attack us! x_x;

After a long fight, when I started to feel really tired and my reflexes slowed down, an enemy was about to attack and slay me from behind. But I survived. Surprised, I turned around, just to see the enemy fall down. He had been hit by an arrow. Headshot!

2014-01-09 Archer 11

My old mentor had finally overcome his fears! I was so proud of him.

And he of himself. He had not unlearned how to protect those close to him. As reward he gave me the last oiece of epic Bard Clothing that he had burried at the gravestone.

And he taught me another cool song! YEAH!!

2014-01-09 Archer 12

I’ll destroy enemies with shooting melodies that will destroy all of you! MUAHAHAAHAR!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ramzah
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 22:00:50

    Yes I can imagine it! Your voice sounds so epic that your enemies cant perceive it and their brains shut down! The epic voice of terror! And the sound of your bow/harp cuts into their skin. The voice of Eorzea, Riiko Rinkoko O.O



  2. Riiko Rinkoko
    Mar 25, 2014 @ 09:25:48

    ahahaha~ Did you really say “The Voice of Eorzea”? XD This is just brilliant <3



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