EuroAsylum: Housing Details and Enhancements

It’s not only the big things that matter but also the small.

Jam and me are inspecting our Moogles, totally in love with each other. We are waiting for them to kiss but somehow the just stared at each other for what felt like hours. Maybe they kiss through their orange balls? If so, they have been kissing for hours… <.<;

2014-03-11 Housing 02

The blue tactician table is very unloved. People really like his looks and all but it doesn’t fit anywhere!

In a desperate try to kinda hide it, we placed it into a wall.

To our surprise, Lyssa totally loved this spot and instantly started cooking there o.O

2014-03-11 Housing 06

Trem is always a good role model for everyone. Following his example, I started cooking in the kitchen, not while sitting on a table.

I think he approved of this. ö.ö

2014-03-11 Housing 14

And then, our upstairs area was put under construction.

Giant walls prevented unauthorized people from entering the dangeroud building site.

2014-03-11 Housing 13

A secret donator whose name I promised to not tell, gave me an awesome little Magitek doll!

Finally something that looks good with our unloved table! ö.ö Many thanks, to our nameless donator.

2014-03-11 Housing 03

During the renovating phase, somehow our bookshelf “fell accidentally” into the bath tub.

Books were drenched with water and as Leo, jam and me proceeded to take a bath while reading, all of them became pretty much wet.

I hope, nobody finds out afterwards…

2014-03-11 Housing 04

Well, looking at the upstairs area after the renovation, I must say, building director Jam did an awesome job.

This is my favorite window, especially when the sun is shining!

2014-03-11 Housing 07

We also have a giant waterfall wall. If you enter the secret room behind it, you can lie down in a comfy bed below a giant wave while relaxing completely in private.

2014-03-11 Housing 12

We also got a great inspiration from an other house: a bed for many people!

We had Ryko to try this out with us. The test was successfull, when we heard the faint snoring besides us…

2014-03-11 Housing 08

And so, Jam created a non glitchy double bed bathtub!

You can even drown lil Lalafells in there while relaxingly lying lying next to them.

2014-03-11 Housing 09

So to conclude, this is how our upstairs area looks like now:

2014-03-19 Housing upstairs

Also, Scott’s Ul’dah room has become larger! :D

2014-03-19 Housing upstairs 2

The basement on the other hand is becoming popular for gathering to events and waiting for something.

I am really happy, people like the dining table. It still needs enhancements – an all Haukke Manor chair table would be nice – but in total I am satisfied with the results.

2014-03-11 Housing 01

Also, my spot on the stairs seems to get some company at times. ö.ö

2014-03-11 Housing 10

We have some new neighbours! They bought the large Manson at the beach.

And they have a balcony. And a blue CT gate.

And you can climb on both of them! This is sooo awesome! ö.ö

2014-03-11 Housing 11

I could write about the recent changes about our house, garden and neighbours every day but I do not wish to become repetitive.

Whenever we are undergoing major changes in the house that are worthy a new entry, you will know cause you will read about it! ò.ó/

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