EuroAsylum: Friendly Ninjas from the Neighbourhood

To ensure that the neighbourhood stays safe, I had to become a Ninja. Together with leo, I climbed on the roof of our Umbral Union neighbours. From there, we had a nice overview of the EA house, the u.u garden and the area around.

To our surprise, we met another Ninja! We first mistook her for a burglar, trying to break into the u.u house from the rood! But it turned out, she was a Ninja like us and she was good friends with u.u!

2014-03-08 Housing Ninjas 01

Together, we practised our Ninja jumps!

Any suspicious person would be attacked by a surprise jump from da roof!

2014-03-08 Housing Ninjas 02

Suddenly, I spotted a dangerous burglar in the u.u garden!


2014-03-08 Housing Ninjas 03

I questioned the burglar:

“We are the friendly Ninjas from the neighbourhood, keeping everyone safe! State your name and desire and we might spare your life!”

Somehow, all potential burglars reacted in a were quite confused way… Very suspicious!

Paint-2014-03-13 Ninjas

But do not be afraid! The Friendly Ninjas from the neighbourhood will keep everyone safe! ò.ó/

We’ll always be there, on the roof, whenever you least expect it.

2014-03-11 Housing 05


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