EuroAsylum: Decorating the House

Tired from all the hard conjuring work, Trem took a break at the nearby beach. As Lalas, Akh and me took the responsibility of supplying Trem with the best relaxation possible: An attractive Miqo’fan girl and a delicious meal.

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 03

While he was relaxing, I returned to the house to see that a terrifying Amalj’aa prison and banner had appeared in front of the house. Nobody knew who the suspect was, but everyone now feared an Amalj’aa attack… @_@;;

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 04

Before really starting our work on the house, we took a great group photo of everyone who had joined our house creation.

It was raining, but nobody bothered. We were all so excited!

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 02

And then, the Behe trophy and Apkallu pet that I had made months ago were placed into the house.

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 01

And then more donated and frehsly crafted stuff was put in. I especially like the fireplace, where any Lalafell can be hot as hell.

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 05

The Retainer bell and Market board are located just down the street. In the background you can see our noble house!

Of course I quickly started crafting cool furniture.

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 06

One of the first things was the bathtub.

It became super popular within seconds. I’m so happy everyone enjoys it! ö.ö <3

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 07

I then proceeded to make a flag with our Logo. Emp put it outside of the house – only Officers can adjust the exterior design or remove items.

It looked quite good.

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 08

While moving furniture and walls from here to there, I joined forces with Sir Scott and Jam. Together, we made the house an adorable place!

I especially like moving furniture like a ghost while people are resting on them. Teheheeheheheheh~

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 09

We also put a forever alone chair in the basement.

Unfortunately, it was removed soon after. :\ I thought it was really funny…

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 13

And then, I proceeded tocreate a huge dining table for 16 people. It is still far from being finished.

Someone also made a cute Moogle rug! ö.ö

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 11

Our main hall was full of trophies, flags and stuff!

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 12

Only Scott’s room looked pretty finished. Somehow, it became a small crafting room. Although it’s designed with Ul’dah furniture, I really like it!

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 35

Taking a break from the outside work on the garden, Jam sat down on the magical tree trumps. They are magical cause it’s totally random in which direction you will sit down on them!

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 18

And then, our garden looked really lovely!

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 27

We did a great work but as you can see, our planning books are still full of new ideas how to make our house a better place.

We are far from done!

You think our house looks nice already?

I tell you, every day you enter the house, you can find something new that has changed.

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 19


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tremaine
    Mar 18, 2014 @ 10:23:57

    Loving the housing posts!!!



  2. Riiko Rinkoko
    Mar 18, 2014 @ 10:43:18

    Thanks! :D There are more to come in the next days ò.ó/



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