EuroAsylum: A Housing Desicion

It all happened on March 8th, Earth time (whatever that is cause in Eorzea, we do not know this time calculation).

We had an LS gathering at the Limsanian Adventurer’s Guild. And our goal was the beach.

Everyone was totally ready for the beach, be it in bikini or appropriate winter mantle. But somehow, Lyssa (yay, she had er cool hairstyle back!) did not let us go just yet.

2014-03-08 Housing Decision 01

Impatiently, I ran away, entered the Mist on my own as other impatient people already went there.

Somehow, someone stated that plot 4 is cool, so I checked it out.

Slowly, all the others arrived.

2014-03-08 Housing Decision 02

As it was nighttime, we couldn’t evaluate the view over the beach and town too well, so we waited…

And when the sun rose, we were speechless.

2014-03-08 Housing Decision 03

The beauty, the position, the surroundings, the view, the everything! It was just perfect.

2014-03-08 Housing Decision 04

Or was it not? Just to make sure that we do not move into a shady neighbourhood, we checked our neighbours from the Umbral Union. Little Peppermint (the adorable Lala girl) welcomed us and invited us in.

2014-03-08 Housing Decision 05

She was so nice and their house looked so lovely, I nearly moved in… err…

2014-03-08 Housing Decision 06

So we went back to our plot and discussed the situation.

We found a perfect spot with awesome neighbours and awesome surroundings and everything was just awesome.

Nobody raised words with objections.

So Tam started banishing evil ghosts and dark spirits that might live in that plot.

2014-03-08 Housing Decision 07

That being done, money was moved between officers Trem, Lyssa, and probably Emp too. Then, Trem did the purchase.

2014-03-08 Housing Decision 08

And then, out of nowhere, a house appeared, conjured by powerful Trem.

It was a magical moment.

2014-03-08 Housing Decision 09

Temporarily, our house received a lame name and a lame description.

2014-03-08 Housing Decision 12

Then, it was time to check out the house.

2014-03-08 Housing Decision 10

It felt big and empty.

So someone put a table in the middle of the hall. It became the highlight of the day.

2014-03-08 Housing Decision 11

Everyone just loved the table. And the house. And the plot. And the neighbours.

Then, it was time to put all those donated furniture items into the house… But that is a different story, to be told at a different time.


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