Styling Week – A True Lalafell Man

Due to popular demand, I introduced a Styling week! I will be analyzing styles, trends and what’s in and out. Make sure to not miss out on the great information and tips!

Today, I will talk about how to be a true Lalafell man.

For this, I had the chance to follow a true Lalafell man for a whole day and document his life: Archmage Chaosi!

2014-03-02 Chaosi

Chaosi is a wise man. He is neither old nor young . Nobody knows a Lalafell’s true age so it is enough to say: He is exactly of the perfect age.

Experienced bookworm, Summoner and Scholar. He is the greatest Tactician ever known to Eorzean History. Some say, he saved worlds from complete destruction before it was cool.

His hairstyle: White hair with blackish highlights indicates wisdom and knowledge. His experience is unlimited and if you have a question, Chaosi will know the answer. There is no exception. His beard is his pride. He grooms it like nobody else. And his bears has style! Even anti-beard activists like it.

His style: Wearing the most exciusite clothing of his class, he spreads fear and despair among his enemies. He is known for letting his enemies suffer while dieing slowly. As Scholar, he is even more curel as his foes die somewhat slower…
His summons are not just pets. They are close to reincarnations of the real Primals! Just the looks are still a bit… nooby…

What makes him so attractive: Knowledge and Power. Intelligence and Tactical wit. This are the key attributes of Chaosi’s charme. And of course, as Lalafell he is extremely adorable. While his deep voice and the cool and composed face make him rather seem like a serious person, when he starts dancing, gawd, nobody can resist this cuteness!

How to be a true man like Chaosi:
You aren’t clever? Read. And dance.
You aren’t adorable? Dance more.
You aren’t powerful? Practise. And dance.
You aren’t skilled? Study. And dance.

Oh, and be a Lalafell, too. That would automatically double your intelligence.
In case you aren’t, I heard there are magical potions (with side-effects) that transform you into a Lalafell. I assure you, it is worth it.

His tip for you: “To gain the true power of a real Lalafell man, you need to have studied the arcane science for a few centuries or be a natural prodigy. It also helps to have saved different worlds from the Apocalypse which you accessed through simple travels through time and dimensions.”

How Chaosi keeps himself trained and in tip-top shape:

Paint-2014-03-04 Chaosi Workout


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ramzah
    Mar 13, 2014 @ 21:02:13

    “How to be a true man like Chaosi”
    Thats not possible, he is so unique, that is unreachable!!!!! A new word has to be invented for him!
    Same like for Riikos beauty. Ö.Ö



  2. Riiko Rinkoko
    Mar 13, 2014 @ 21:48:44

    how about “chaotastic”? ò.ó; a mixture of “chaosi” and “fantastic”



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