Styling Week – Styling Queen Lyssa

Due to popular demand, I introduced a Styling week! I will be analyzing styles, trends and what’s in and out. Make sure to not miss out on the great information and tips!

Today, I present you Lyssa. She is a capable EA Officer of high rank and has a lot to say. Her knowledge in Battle and in Arty&Crafts is infinite. There is just one issue: Her looks.

Don’t get me wrong, she looks really attractive and all. But… I often fail to recognize her!

You wonder why that is? I prepared an overview of her recent styles for you.

Paint-2014-02-28 Lyssa Hairstyles

– Decent or no make up
– Unique haircolors, never seen before
– Some hairstyles look cute, some look mature. Know which one to chose for which occasion.

Now you understand, why it is hard to recognize her on the streets. I developed an efficient strategy to recognize her: I get super close and check her eyes. Eyes cannot lie. How her eyes look? Well, why do you not know? Have you never looked into her dazzling eyes?! Shame on you!

But let’s come back to style.

Each of her hair and facial style is unique. Her style is the changing style. You never know how she leaves her room the next day. What will she surprise you with tomorrow? Nobody knows but her.

She can appear wise or cute, dangerous or innocent, but in the end, it’s always Lyssa!

At times, I envy her for her unique styles. I am afraid to change my hairstyle as my loyal fans might not recognize me anymore! That would be a disastre!!

Lyssa on the other hand does not care about that. If they don’t recognize her, they are neither her true friends, nor her true fans!

And she always looks so noble!

2014-02-27 Lyssa


Her Style: Changing every day to another unexpected style!

Her Motto: It doesn’t matter how you look. It only matters that you confuse your friends every day.

Her tip #1 for you: “Don’t listen to Jam for advice about hair. Jam has made many tragic choices in the past.”

Her tip #2 for you: “Be colorful”

Her tip #3 for you: “Never ever get that hairstyle that looks like two ferrets are attacking your head”


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