Exploring a Pharaoh’s grave…?

People will surely remember this little fellow. Gemimi, Meomeo or somet like that. Thinking he had given up to follow the Siren and thinking she would love him back, he in fact had not given up.

He asked me to search her for him in a place called “Pharos Sirius”. While I did not feel like doing anything for Miogeo, the palace of a pharaoh sounded promising!

2013-12-18 Pharos Sirius 01

I agreed to check the place out.

It was a mistake. There were traps anywhere.

Dead bodies.

Ruins, big stones, poison, crystals falling down from the ceiling…

2013-12-18 Pharos Sirius 02

Oh right, and the dead bodies come back to life when they sense living souls close by… wonderful.

My expedition group was attacked several times, but we slaved them for good while exploring the ruins.

It didn’t really look like a pyramid of a pharaoh though…

2013-12-18 Pharos Sirius 03

And then, on top of the building, we found HER.

2013-12-18 Pharos Sirius 05

The evil bi…rdlike siren sang and sang while trying to charm us.

But we were so clever to hide below her where the music couldn’t reach us because f*** logic!

2013-12-18 Pharos Sirius 06

This way we were able to rip off her plumes, bring her down and destroy her  sill yharp!

We found a bit of treasure but it wasn’t really worth much…

2013-12-18 Pharos Sirius 07

Later on I found out from a friend of Gegemomoi, that it was not a pharaoh’s place but a ruin that had a similar name. Pharos… pharaoh.. I think it sounds exactly the same!!

I was ripped off again but at least the Siren was dead for good.

2013-12-18 Pharos Sirius 08

The friend on the other hand was terribly disappointed, that Miogeo was still seeking for his beloved Siren… Yeah, why…?


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