The Haukke Invasion

It was also a few days later that I found out, the Haukke Manor had somehow been restored and the Ladyboss Maiden had revived – just this time she was much stronger!

Together with different groups, I slowly invaded the Manor.

2014-01-07 Haukke HM 01

In the ruins of the Manor, new lanterns and magical items had been placed. They contained a strong magical power. Some of these items even warped you from one to the other place! O.o

2014-01-07 Haukke HM 02

Every room was full of dangerous foes. I wonder what had attracted them…?

2014-01-07 Haukke HM 03

Demons I had never seen before were living in the big and gorgeous rooms. Their evil attacks would spread through the whole hall! Like a pro I found holes in the attack pattern and could evade any damage! ö.ö

2014-01-07 Haukke HM 04

And then, we entered the torture chamber. A dangerous Mistress in fighting outfit, wielving a gigantic sword was awaiting us. This was now her home and anyone invading would pay with death.

2014-01-07 Haukke HM 05

And then, mid-fight, she summoned the old Lady Adamalala. O.O;

I can only come to one conlusion. After I had destroyed the old Haukke Manor, the Mistress had performed evil rituals on the Lady and revived her with even more power. This attracted other demons to join forces with the now stronger Demon Ladies.

2014-01-07 Haukke HM 06

Still, they had no chance against us – me!

We just did “it” again… Only this time, it wasn’t me who summoned this but a group member.

Paint-2014-02-05 Haukke Manor

It was still effective and we totally slayed the ladies.


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