Demolition Riiko

Shantotto Minion encouraged me to push the Thaumaturge’s guild with the Mormo issue. Together with the Boss Lala, I went to find Mormo.

It wasn’t hard. He had been absorbing magical power from defenceless adventurer noobs and slowly gained more power.

2014-01-26 THM 01

To destroy Mormo without damaging our dear Alchemist brother, we had to get Mormo out if him.

The Boss offered Mormo a deal, it could not deny:

Take the Boss’s magical power and leave the Lala’s body in return.

Mormo happily agreed! The Boss posessed a gigantic source of power and with it, Mormo’s true power would be restored!

2014-01-26 THM 02

I was kinda worried that something might go wrong…

2014-01-26 THM 03

And that was when the Boss fell to the ground, pretty much dead, and Mormo materializing as one of the Maidservants from Haukke.

The same instant, the Thaumaturge Brothers appeared – they had been hiding for this moment – and together, we fought Mormo!

2014-01-26 THM 04

After a long and hard fight, we finally defeated her. There had mean causalities on our side too. Lots of bloodshed and the Boss being near death.

The Alchemist boy had regained his senses and was shocked by the Boss’s bad condition.

2014-01-26 THM 05

While everyone was clueless what could be done to restore the magical power of the Boss and thus save his life, the Alchemist pro took out a Mana potion.

Aye, the answer was that easy.

2014-01-26 THM 06

He woke up, said that he expected him to save him this way and everyone went home happily.

Just when I wanted to follow, I saw some glittering stone in the water where we had fought. Maybe Mormo had left it behind?

Back in the guild, the guild atendant welcomed me happily and as I showed her the gem, she told me it was a Gem of Shantotto. O.O;

What did Shantotto have to do with all this? Was it her who had banned Mormo into that old pot in the first place? The minion Shantotto wouldn’t answer my questions…

And then, two Black Mages entered the guild. They made sure the Gem remained in my hands and that the Thaumaturges would not take it away from me for research.

2014-01-26 THM 07

I later thanked the guys. I am pretty sure they somehow know Shantotto. There must be a connection!

Minion Shantotto was also grinning very suspiciously the whole time…

2014-01-26 THM 08

With the Gem of Shantotto in my hands, I entered the Haukke Manor to slay every single Maidservant I could find.

And to finish everyone off, I used the strongest Limit break ever!

2014-01-26 THM 09

And then, the meteor descended.

Paint-2014-02-05 Haukke Manor

This was the end of Haukke Manor.


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