Strong adventurers attract strong women

Remember how Minion Shantotto has been causing trouble everywhere?

Words spread and soon Mag and me were known as the strong adventurers that defeat any troublesome enemies.

And with this, the ladies came…

2014-01-22 Dragon Quest 01

They were totally into us and started flirting out of nowhere – even with me! O.O;

They told me to close my eyes for a special kind of pleasure….

And then, I felt like suffocating as a big ball of fur was pressed into my face!

2014-01-22 Dragon Quest 02

What the hell? @.@;; Well, it felt realy fluffy and all but…

As reward for enjoying the fluffy face carressing, I received a really manly helm.

Yeah. We look like a manly street gang…

2014-01-22 Dragon Quest 04

You wonder where those golems come from? Well, during a fight, we fought some giant golems and as we subdued them, they asked us to show mercy while offering us their youngest ones.

Why would we reject this act of kindness?

Unfortunately, the pretty ladies and their manager had to leave.

2014-01-22 Dragon Quest 03

I felt sad. THey had come and gone like a whirlwind and somehow I liked the degree of admiration they had towards me…

Walking a few steps in disappointment, I looked up and doubted my eyes.

There were the ladies, standing at the water fountain, flirting with random people who were just passing by…

2014-01-22 Dragon Quest 05

Including me, of course.

Did Shantotto have something to do with this? Why was she giggling the whole time I spent with the girls…?

I can’t help but think that something terrible is about to happen…


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