Every army needs their armor.

Why should I not become an Armorer and make individual armors for my minions.

Not that I’m planning to attack anything or anyone, but it’s just to be cool, you know………

2013-12-14 Armorer 01

As I am bad with Roeagalala names, I will call this guy Bob. He is one of the experienced Armorers of the guild. But he is also my rival! We worked hard on our armors and tools to be better than the other.

One day, we were called to a secret meeting with our Limsa Boss…

2013-12-23 Armorer 01

Two guys were outfitted with our selfmade armor and it was to test which armor was better for the troops of Limsa Lominsa!

I felt so proud, that my work was so popular, even the military was interested in it!

2013-12-23 Armorer 02

So the attacks began. Fists, Axes, Swords… All kinds of weapons hammered onto the two poor guys…

2013-12-23 Armorer 03

The Armorer Apprentices whe were watching this were incredibly terrified!

2013-12-23 Armorer 04

As the dust settled, both armors had barely any scratches… Was it a draw?

2013-12-23 Armorer 05

No draws in a match of two.

Limsa Boss Blabliblubb drew her pistol and shot twice.

2013-12-23 Armorer 07

I was like: O_O;

And the others were like: O____O;;;;

2013-12-23 Armorer 06

When Bob’s guy fell to his knees I knew that my work was not only good but great instead.

It was bulletproof, axeproof, fistproof and damageproof.

Bob admitted his defeat.

He couldn’t be wronger! There was no winner and loser. Armorer is about protecting people. If you are bad, they die. Armorers may not create bad gear. They are born to provide soldiers with the best protection in the world!

2013-12-23 Armorer 08

Bob realized, I was right and thanked me for what I had taught him.

The guildleader was also pleased. Somehow, most guilds have money issues and are looking for more people to buy their stuff. Good that I could help! They will prolly get a huuuuge order for army armors soon.

2013-12-23 Armorer 09

And so, I crafted my own Armorer outfit!

2013-12-23 Armorer 10


And then, I made the same awesome armor for Mag, as he became a master armorer, too!

2013-12-23 Armorer 11


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